Core and More Technologies (CMT): Advertising Services for High Visitor Engagement and Conversion

Andrew Young, President
Current research shows that over 82 percent of purchase and procurement processes begin with online search. Therefore, a strong digital marketing strategy is a key success factor for all businesses. For that reason, more and more companies are now stepping forward to find the right partner to foster visibility and growth in their online campaigns. As a Google AdWords Certified Partner, Core and More Technologies (CMT) has emerged as a leader in the world of internet marketing. CMT services provide search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, and social media marketing with end-to-end performance reporting. “This reporting goes well beyond just a high level overview of traffic, offering B2B customers the ability to measure visits, lead conversion rates, opportunity conversion rates, and ultimately, opportunity to customer (revenue) conversion rates,” said Andrew Young, President & CEO of Core and More Technologies. Based in Port Monmouth, NJ, the company also provides an array of graphic design services, which includes print as well as digital assets, and world-class website design services.

SEO and the reporting of all related metrics are two vital instruments in the orchestra of the digital world. As a prerequisite for creating a strong online presence, CMT ensures that their clients are well versed in this capacity -- leading to efficiency, accuracy, and simplicity between vendor and client. Also, the strategies offered by the company and its supporting solutions are not limited to just a single channel, but across multiple platforms such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo Gemini. On that note, CMT has learned a great deal working very closely with the search engine marketing teams within Google. As a certified partner with a strong and growing customer base, Google has helped the company to succeed at various levels, including involvement in their beta programs and other AdWords related, front-facing initiatives. This has enabled CMT to accelerate through any learning curves relating to the latest innovations across the various targeting methodologies—search, search partners, display, and remarketing. This is key in helping the company to always remain on the cutting-edge in terms of knowledge, and execution.

CMT’s digital marketing promotion is managed through their global marketing solution, GlobalSphere™. “The GlobalSphere offering encompasses the full suite of services required to create a fully comprehensive promotion, targeting numerous global advertising channels,” says Young. “This includes all necessary market research, our proven ‘keyword ideation process,’ and the marrying of those combined research efforts with the go-to-market strategy of the client organization.”

GlobalSphere™ encompasses the full suite of services required to create a fully comprehensive promotion across numerous global marketing channels

GlobalSphere has also made headlines for its ubiquitous and fully integrated model – which enables companies to create cost-effective, profitable campaigns that are closely targeted yet highly opportunistic. “The integrated plan leverages the highest performing adverts as observed through search network activity, incorporating same into display, remarketing, and other channels,” adds Young. Knowing that the marketing challenges of every company will be different from others, GlobalSphere has been designed to scale. “Our GlobalSphere package is designed to help customers lower their costs while maintaining the world-class reporting, expert-level analysis, and ongoing modifications that truly define successful campaigns over time,” says Young.

CMT has forged strong, close-knit and long term relationships with its customers, delivering an array of digital marketing and design services. One such relationship, with a provider of networked crisis communication solutions, has blossomed into a mutually beneficial partnership. For many years, this Silicon- Valley client has been using services like paid search advertising, global customer portal development, content development, social media promotions, website design, and full marketing automation and customer relationship management system integration.

Continuing to expand their service offerings, CMT aims to build ever stronger relationships with its customers and partners. Ultimately, their goal is to become the de-facto choice for major enterprises. “As we continue to strengthen our offerings, we will place increasing emphasis on our ability to help customers to convert web visits into qualified leads more rapidly. At the same time, through our partnerships we enable client sales personnel to better engage prospects by providing them with in-depth data on their respective companies, as well as insight into their pain points and most pressing needs,” concludes Young.

Core and More Technologies

Port Monmouth, NJ

Andrew Young, President

A Google AdWords Certified Partner that provides internet marketing and website development services

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