Core Associates: Automating the AP Approval Process

Frank Grenci, CEO
As construction and real estate companies partake in the race for the next big contract, hurdles pose in the timely management of numerous invoices, project management files, and purchase orders. Oftentimes, the risk of manual processing coupled with ample paperwork saddle the invoice approval process routed through ERP software for payment. Having first–hand knowledge about the costly paper shuffles of accounting, Core Associates has developed TimberScan, the only accounts payable (AP) processing and workflow automation solution created specifically for Sage 300 CRE (Construction and Real Estate) users that automates and simplifies every aspect of the AP process, including data entry, approvals, and reporting.

Marking their tenth anniversary, Core Associates is heralding a new, automated era of AP invoice approval processing and document management in the construction and real estate sectors. TimberScan electronically stores and automatically routes invoices for approval while syncing with Sage 300 CRE. “With TimberScan, manual functions that previously consumed hours or even days are now reduced to minutes,” states Frank Grenci, CEO of Core Associates. With so much demand for a similar solution, Core Associates released a version of TimberScan (TimberScan 100) that works with Sage 100 Contractor. Because of the familiarity with Sage, there is essentially no learning curve for new users, which significantly shortens the time for implementation and decreases operational costs. Furthermore, Core Associates’ TimberScan Capture solution automatically converts scanned documents into digitized TimberScan invoices. Using optical character recognition, Capture gives a paper-free experience alleviating the AP burden.

As a certified Sage Development Partner, Core Associates serves more than 25,000 users worldwide. They have proven to be a technology leader with continued development for their clientele offering hosted, mobile, and cloud-based applications. All their server-based applications, which reside on the client’s server along with the Sage 300 CRE software, can automatically communicate with their newest, cloud-based product called Core Cloud Systems or CSS. Core’s Sage clients now can experience it all as part of one fluid system that’s fully integrated.

With TimberScan, manual functions that previously consumed hours or even days are now reduced to minutes

For instance, they can receive goods in the field via a mobile app and all information can be automatically transferred down to the servers and integrated within the AP or document management function.

Making work tasks easier and eliminating the paper trail is really what Sage customers come to TimberScan to experience. “The less complex the software, the more valuable it is to the clients,” affirms Grenci. Over and above, the Core team is well-known for their professional services and long-term devotion to each client. “Our customer focus doesn’t end with the sale; it begins with it,” adds Grenci.

A telling example of this would be one of Core’s construction clients who was managing tens of thousands of invoices per month. Two months post the implementation of TimberScan, they raised a concern about the invoiced verse expensed amounts being significantly different, which prompted the Core team to investigate. It was quickly discovered that the internal set up for Sage 300 CRE allowed discounting for invoices paid on-time—something that the company had not been able to take advantage of before implementing TimberScan. On a lighter note, Grenci says, “The ROI for TimberScan was realized almost immediately with the thousands of dollars that the client saved. It is incredibly gratifying to often hear when our product changes a business in this way.”

Forging ahead, the Core Associates’ CEO emphasizes the company’s focus to innovate their product line taking into consideration every single aspect that can potentially enhance the user experience. “After all, everything that we do is about enabling our clients to run a business that is as seamless, efficient, and streamlined as it can possibly be,” concludes Grenci.

Core Associates

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Frank Grenci, CEO

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