CoreALM: A Robust Amalgamation of SAP and ALM

In the world of complex workflows and varying commercial needs, controlling application development and ensuring its business process orientation are herculean tasks. SAP Solution Manager—a platform for managing the entire Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)— acts a silver bullet and directs the development as well as the usability of application towards business processes. However, unleashing the power of SAP Solution Manager is riddled with intricacies as it requires expertise and experience to build, deploy, and monitor applications. Rancho Cucamonga, CA based CoreALM is SAP Certified in Managed Services for Solution Manager and provides ALM solutions that support Agile, DevOps and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) practices.

CoreALM provides a range of services to encapsulate all the processes within the ALM arena and leverages SAP Solution Manager to address 11 core ALM phases, which are inclusive of design, build, test, deploy, operate, and optimize. SAP Solution Manager runs on NetWeaver stack that supports SAP ALM and integrates with third party tools as well. The integrability of SAP Solution Manager is helpful in managing SAP and non-SAP solutions at the enterprise level. While ironing out complexities in implementation, configuration, and adoption of ALM tools, CoreALM adheres to ITIL best practices.

In the early stages of the project implementation, experts from CoreALM discern the analysis of projects to fathom out the complexities in business workflows and map the resources to manage business needs. The company uses the solution documentation feature of SAP Solution Manager to enable easy access to project related information. Using template management capabilities, the business processes can be tracked and thus facilitating processes synchronization. The templates are transferrable across all lines of business which serves as a cost reduction measure.

With the help of SAP Solution Manager, CoreALM enables clients to test the templates and solutions within the framework of various test cases. The tester can use Business Process Change Analyzer to write test plans, which adhere to the specified changes. The company assists clients in monitoring the performance of deployed applications from the perspective of the end user.

Every new challenge in SAP Ecosystem enabled us to find a new opportunity to adopt more technology

CoreALM adopts a holistic approach to monitoring activities and helps clients track the performance of applications as well as systems with unified alert inbox, while monitoring the system, end user experience, and business intelligence. The company leverages SAP Solution Manager’s Business Process Operation capability, which ensures consistent and trustworthy flowing structure to execute client’s requirements. Features such as operations control center, business process and interface monitoring, and business process analytics help the client monitor individual process instances and gain insights. Solution Manager empowers users to easily upgrade the application and bridge the gap between requirement and delivery to meet the new business demand while maintaining consistency of on-going processes. Again, the lifecycle management platform ensures high availability of system resources and reduced itemization cost via maintenance management feature.

CoreALM assists clients from solution documentation to upgrade management with the expertise in SAP Solution Manger. “Every new challenge in SAP Ecosystem enabled us to find a new opportunity to adopt more technology,” states Labinot Bytyqi, CEO, CoreALM. The company looks forward to continue its success story and improve system quality and integrity for its clients.


Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Labinot Bytyqi, CEO

Provides services designed to address all phases, processes, capabilities, and tools of ALM