CoreBI: Transforming Data into Revenue-Generating Information

Leandro Srur, Co Founder & CSO
Statista predicts the global data visualization market revenue to increase to $7.76 billion by 2023. This growth is driven by the skyrocketing consolidation and analytics of datasets within enterprises wanting to reach their full potential through data-driven decision-making. However, finding data analytics tools that perfectly align with a business’s objectives and budgets is easier said than done, sparking the need for business intelligence (BI) services that provide actionable insights without conventional hurdles.

Addressing this need is CoreBI, a regional data and analytics company delivering impactful BI consulting and value-added services to industries in the U.S., Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico. CoreBI transforms a business into a data-driven company by leveraging its big data, architecture, governance, and data science offerings alongside data-driven consulting and strategy services. CoreBI offers technology-agnostic and impartial advice for optimizing investments and recommending suitable tech stacks and key strategic initiatives that boost scalability with real-time insights through its experts from the Latin American data and analytics space.

A firm operating with a data-driven culture, CoreBI’s analytics portfolio supports finance, telecom, media, food and beverage, manufacturing, consumer goods, healthcare, life sciences, oil and gas, and retail industries. Partnerships with leading cloud service providers like AWS, GCP, Azure, Snowflake, and more enable it to equip clients with the best practices for their cloud-based data journey and data lake-building process. CoreBI is also known to collaborate with universities and research academics to standardize its skill sets and design a robust data program that addresses concerns in terms of insights, analytics, machine learning, and data governance.

“We perceived the concerns in the data governance process and developed a compatible strategy comprising data privacy, quality, and guidelines to manage datasets in an efficient, compliant, and insightful way,” says Leandro Srur, co-founder and CSO of CoreBI.

It deploys data governance solutions to boost master data management, data lineage, and security compliance before reliably cataloging critical information to build data warehouses that optimize ROI.
CoreBI also provides data visualization capabilities powered by vertical intelligence (VI) and ML to facilitate robust data assessments, BI self-service, and data discovery for delivering prescriptive and predictive analytics, industry-specific automation, MLOps, and data monetization benefits. Its data engineering services pave the way for data pipeline orchestration, extract, load, transform (ELT) development, APIs, and DataOps, unveiling the true potential of data.

For clients looking to accelerate their data growth journey, CoreBI assigns a team of data engineers, scientists, governance analysts, and visualization experts trained in its internal data analytics academy. The group performs information maturity assessments, defines data analytics requirements, provides a roadmap of solutions, and scales business operations. They employ a delivery model with agile analytics, lean methodology, design thinking practices, and a flexible approach to recommend scalable products that create solid and long-standing customer relationships.

We perceived the concerns in the data governance process and developed a compatible strategy comprising data privacy, quality, and guidelines to manage datasets in an efficient, compliant, and insightful way

A key example of CoreBI’s capabilities is a gas station where it deployed a video analytics solution to help them gain a deeper understanding of traffic congestion, current situation, and customer experiences. Similarly, it has integrated speech-to-text technology to assist clients in evaluating their customer behaviors through social networks, phones, chats, or other networking channels.

Recently, CoreBI joined NowVertical Group, a conglomerate of big data companies from the U.S. and Canada, to extend its services and solutions from Latin America to the Middle East and Europe and help more organizations make data-driven decisions with confidence. Since joining NowVertical, CoreBI has expanded its geographic reach and gained proprietary access to some of the best platforms and tools, as well as additional customers and staff worldwide.


Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Chile

Leandro Srur, Co Founder & CSO

CoreBI (part of Now Vertical Group) is a Regional Data & Analytics company, with knowledge in leading technologies and experience in all industries and business processes. It provides value-added services: data-driven consulting, business intelligence, advanced analytical models, data governance, and business insights.