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Shafi Syed, CTO and EVP Operations Given the trajectory of IT innovation today, one can see that disruptive changes make the greatest impacts. But to leverage those disruptions and spark a wave of innovation, innovators and entrepreneurs require access to the right technology tools. The IT industry is undergoing a fundamental shift to the cloud and SaaS. This is a crucial transition since SaaS models offer vastly superior capabilities in abstracting complexities, doing away with the up-front costs of software applications. The framework for using enterprise applications has traditionally been for the end-user— an organization. It is the organization that installs, manages, and maintains the software. The software is available at a set cost. The knowledge and expertise to install, configure, manage and maintain it, and the cost of the infrastructure and people fell on the user organization. This has been an inhibitor to the pervasiveness of enterprise applications and have created barriers to entry to many organizations that did not have the technical expertise or capital sought to invest in this type of sophisticated IT department. “We’ve seen the emergence of support organizations and MSPs who act as intermediaries to provide expertise and sometimes even the hosting,” says Shafi Syed, the CTO, and EVP Operations of Corent Technology. The reality is that although helpful, that is not enough to compete with the SaaS model. Enter Corent Technology. The company Corent’s SurPaaS®, is promoting a solution based on a simple premise about its end-to-end Next Gen SaaSOps™ cloud migration, modernization, and SaaS-enablement Platform. SurPaaS® was named by their partner General Dynamics IT among their “Next Generation of the Next Generation” technologies, and is being used by other global IT firms like PWC, KPMG, HCL, TCS, and Tech Mahindra. “We have created an initiative to innovate with open source applications that empower other companies and entrepreneurs to deliver these solutions to their customer base easily and with better cost efficiencies,” states Syed.

Creating Robust Technology in the Cloud and SaaS Space

As Corent grew, its objective was to create a disruptive technology that would enable innovators to access the platform and build a successful businesses. “As Cloud and SaaS became the beacon of innovation in the technology space, we focused our attention to developing the core technology for SaaS enablement and operations,” says Syed. From this, Corent derived different features to apply in the field of cloud migration assessment and migration, subsequently to On-Cloud optimization and modernization. The company applied itself with unwavering fervour to creating robust technology in the Cloud and SaaS space, which resulted in a strong portfolio of eighty-nine granted patents, covering over 150 invention claims and many more pending patents, to present Corent as an undisputed technology leader.

As Cloud and SaaS started becoming the beacon of innovation in the technology space, we focused our attention to developing the core technology for SaaS enablement and operations

“We managed to integrate all this technology into our “Software Defined SaaS Platform®, one that seamlessly integrates the customer’s intention preference to leverage complex migration, modernization, and operations, into a seamless flow between different stages on their Cloud Journey,” states Syed. As most of the information from the previous stages can be reused to perform the following tasks, the labor intensive setup and configuration procedures are significantly reduced. Additionally, Corent’s Technologies’ AI based learning technology helps recognize customer workloads and deliver intelligent advisories to guide them through modernization tasks, making their platform a formidable transformation force in the cloud space.

Offering Improved Unprecedented ‘SaaSification’ Capabilities

SurPaaS is currently offered as three main product lines based on the functional capability of its innovative platform SurPaaS® —First as MaaS™ (for Migration and Modernization as a Service), the second as ComPaaS™ (for On Cloud Optimization, Operations and Modernization PaaS), and the third as SaaSOps™, which targets addresses the needs of SaaS companies or ISVs that require better SaaS Operations and/or improved automated ‘SaaSification’ capabilities. The entire suite of Corent’s product is available to its partners and they present additional possibilities to customers and show how to move to PaaS, Containers and Kubernetes services. This helps customers adopt more advanced modernization capabilities, as SurPaaS automates the movement between various options seamless and without programming.

Democratizing SaaS

Corent’s SurPaaS® SaaSOps™ platform has the perfect ‘SaaS-enablement’ mechanism in SaaS, as it frees enterprise applications from the typical technical barriers to entry and makes access more affordable by having a subscription model. It enables ISVs, MSPs, and others CIOs to bring their software and set themselves up as SaaS Providers by providing all the ‘as a Service’ capabilities or augment software that is already SaaS with new capabilities. Additionally anyone can instantly have an efficient and scalable SaaS offering and offer it with all the capabilities necessary for a SaaS provider to operate, manage and grow a SaaS business. This is where the confluence of the SurPaaS® platform and enterprise applications becomes especially powerful.
Not only is this the ideal mechanism for removing the barriers to entry for offering enterprise open source applications as SaaS, but it is also the platform to enable any ISV or MSP to become a SaaS Provider. They can tailor the application as desired for a specific market niche if they wish and provide the application support end-users want and need. The end users can subscribe to the application and won’t have to face any of the normal barriers to entry without responsibility for operations, management, and upgrades of the software and infrastructure. They simply subscribe and use the application.

Revolutionizing the Enterprise Application Market

The SurPaaS® platform has the potential to revolutionize the enterprise application market by enabling an ecosystem of SaaS Providers that can start their own SaaS business at with no upfront costs by using the existing ingredients and a NextGen SaaS Platform. This democratizes the ability to become a SaaS Provider, no longer requiring a huge investment in time and money to bring together all the components for delivering applications at scale as a service. Further, public cloud marketplaces such as the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and AWS Marketplace provide a fantastic base for a secure and scalable SaaS offering. It also delivers SurPaaS® SaaSOps™ capabilities to automate the publishing of SaaS offerings into these marketplaces and adds another level of global marketing power while retaining the centralized management and operations through SurPaaS®SaaSOps™ for the SaaS Provider. Corent has been working with IBM for quite some time now. The company’s initial focus was to support Corent’s products on IBM’s Cloud offering, starting with PureSystems and later for the Cloud technologies acquired by IBM. “We supported IBM Cloud with the features in SurPaaS and capabilities to enable the customer’s Cloud Journey, starting with Cloud migration assessment, migration to IBM Cloud, modernization, containerization, Kubernetes, and all the way to SaaS enablement and SaaS Operations. Now we can address the market needs for data residency, where tenants from specific countries can keep their data in their local Cloud datacenters. This is a landmark capability in Corent’s SaaSOps that is available for all SaaS applications managed by SaaSOps and is supported for IBM Red Hat OpenShift as well. We recently included modernization of applications to Red Hat UBI and Red Hat OpenShift,” states Syed.

Moving Automating application migrations to Red Hat

UBI, Containers, and Kubernetes into OpenShift appears remarkably of interest to many. “We are responding to these needs and building significant capabilities to address this space. We believe that running applications on a common platform such as OpenShift—that can run on any Cloud—offers an attractive proposition not only in for operating applications anywhere, while but also making them accessible anywhere through the Red Hat Marketplace,” informs Syed. With a platform like SurPaaS, users can perform sophisticated assessments, migration, and modernization, and on-going optimization of operations tasks and application capabilities that are steadily sketching the future for Corent.

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Shafi Syed, CTO and EVP Operations

Corent's SurPaaS® Platform automates some of the most complex, time and labor-consuming Cloud migration, modernization and management tasks

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