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Forward-looking businesses of the digital era share this one key characteristic: they are Technology optimistic and they rely heavily on data analytics to remain competitive in their industries. While the complexity involved in managing transactional and operational data is costly for most small to mid-size enterprises, gaining deep insights into this data is equally challenging. Orville Cornwall, the Business Intelligence Officer at Cornwall Analytics, says that this is where his company has positioned its value proposition. “We offer an a la carte solution through Coanics, our cloud-based robust analytics-driven CRM Application, with personalization and a customized portfolio of operational reports and performance dashboards included in a simple subscription model,” he states.

Coanics is built on a business intelligence data model that is flexible and simplifies the complexity of analyzing industry specific large volume of transactional data. For small businesses and non-profit organizations, Coanics offers - what Orville calls “personalization” - the ability to implement Coanics for specific industries and with unique customer-focused features without any extensive programming. Meanwhile, for larger enterprises that already have an established IT infrastructure, “we offer the ability to model a solution that can handle any volume of data through our data visualization and exploration tools, which allow businesses to slice, dice, group, and aggregate their data and to create self-service dashboards and reports”.

Before personalizing Coanics for a customer, Cornwall Analytics makes a thorough investigation of the customer’s industry and business and understands the challenges based on the data requirements, regulations, volume, and other business parameters. Upon this evaluation, they build a personalization model that will work for the customer, including standardizing naming conventions for contacts, project types, and other business entities.

Cornwall Analytics’ approach has several key focal points, namely, customer, project or case, location, and document management. “We look at the intersections where the company would focus on its data and allow for the addition or tweaking of application features and personalized functionalities, at any point”, says Cornwall. For instance, a commercial realtor may look for a property or location-centric solution that includes features such as integration with scheduling, the ability to link multiple contacts or different types to documents to properties.

“Since the personalization comes with the subscription, our customers can comeback six months later, a year later, or anytime during the lifetime of the subscription to continue adding functionalities,” explains Cornwall.

One of Coanics’ noteworthy functionalities is its guest login feature, where the owner of the application can allow any contact to access specific features and data on a limited basis. The guest user can be allowed to edit certain information or upload required documents, and the owner would be notified of the changes made to the data. The Coanics solution also contains an assessment tool that can be utilized to create surveys and questionnaires to collect and score field data in order to better understand and assess customers’ or partners’ behavior. These assessments can be conducted within the application, through an email invite, or embedded in a webpage. Once the forms are built, the administrator can edit and share them with internal or external parties. These abilities evidence that Coanics is built with an analytics-driven focus and developed on a CRM foundation.

Coanics is also able to exchange data with many other applications used by small businesses and non-profits. Currently working on improving the data integration abilities of its assessment tool, the Cornwall Analytics team is also focused on developing a light-weight mobile application that will bring key features needed for mobility and by agile users. With its real-time visibility and decision-making support through the power of visualization and analytics, Cornwall Analytics continues to deliver on its vision of helping businesses understand the way their data impacts their success and growth.

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Orville Cornwall, Business Intelligence Officer

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