CorpInfo: Delivering World Class Global Infrastructure Solutions Through AWS

Stephen Garden, Director of Cloud Services
With cloud being touted as everything—from a revolution to the biggest disruption—the excitement around cloud computing is reaching fever pitch in the last few years. Cloud is also enabling strong security measures that are too advanced to be deployed in on-premise systems or data centers. This is especially true for smaller and mid-sized organizations that lack the resources and expertise to build advanced, compliant data centers.

“But, it’s not enough to embrace this groundbreaking cloud-technology unless you have relevant expertise and investment in learning its functionalities,” comments Stephen Garden, Director of Cloud Services, CorpInfo. Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, CorpInfo provides consulting services, infrastructure solutions, and managed services using their intensive experience in cloud technology by leveraging AWS (Amazon Web Services). “We optimize the value of IT investments by thinking ‘out of the box’ to solve challenges while laying the groundwork for future growth,” quotes Garden.

Innovation in product development is a crucial aspect that makes businesses successful amidst the robust market conditions and demands. At times, building out an IT infrastructure to accommodate the forecast demand, manage the servers, or handle any other IT requirements can hinder product development. However, in an AWS cloud computing environment, the lower latency deployments of applications and pay-as-you-go models that are devoid of the heavy lifting of racking, stacking and powering servers help obviate every hindrance.

By leveraging the AWS cloud, CorpInfo brings a game changing model of IT Infrastructure which automatically scales up to accommodate the forecast demand without the upfront capital investment. “Designing cloud infrastructure correctly has the additional benefit of letting customers scale down very quickly to lower costs when that infrastructure isn’t required,” explicates Garden. CorpInfo’s team of dedicated AWS consultant & deployment specialists help in assessing the right cloud platform and rendering detailed due-diligence over current infrastructure. They also create financial business cases to accurately track the outcomes achieved from the migration of an on-premise application to the cloud.
The company also combines its expertise in AWS with Microsoft Server experience to provide integrated Microsoft solutions running on AWS. “We’re also a Microsoft Gold Partner and over 50 percent of our AWS projects involve expert deployment of Windows Server workloads into AWS. By combining these two disciplines, we truly help our clients reap the power and benefits of the cloud,” points Garden. “AWS has truly removed the barrier of access of small and medium sized businesses to enterprise grade IT infrastructure solutions due to scale and financing restrictions,” he adds.

As an ‘Advanced AWS Consulting Partner’, CorpInfo has helped clients who physically own hardware and operated it from their office buildings, by systematically allowing embracing the cloud. Recently, the firm helped a medical practice with disparate on-premises servers consolidate into a centralized cloud solution to have seamless access by over 200 users from anywhere on daily basis. About 3 million patient records were on the cloud and the entire solution conformed to the HIPAA security regulations without incurring any upfront cost.

Designing cloud infrastructure correctly has the additional benefit of letting customers scale down very quickly to lower costs when that infrastructure isn’t required

“The global availability of the AWS cloud is taking us into many new geographic regions,” says Garden. To power this journey, CorpInfo has added a lot of talents from new disciples such as Developer and Open Source experts. “We help clients that have outgrown their legacy on-premise technology or traditional systems. Clients that have exciting growth which can be accelerated through the use of cloud computing,” ponders Garden.


Santa Monica, CA

Stephen Garden, Director of Cloud Services

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