CorpShadow: An all-in-One Partner for Enterprise IT and Networking Needs

Awais Mirza, Managing Director
The rejuvenated wave of digitalization in the wake of the pandemic is pushing SOHO, SMB, and enterprise-level firms to empower their operations through tech-driven deployments.

CorpShadow has led the market in providing best-in-class support for all its customers to overcome supply chain disruptions, procurement, and pricing challenges to ensure timely delivery of reliable and efficient solutions for their end customer in the North American markets and beyond.

We understand market trends, identify sought-after products and provide industry leading support to mitigate emerging supply chain disruptions for all our valued customers regardless of business size or segment” says Awais Mirza, managing director of CorpShadow

With its broad spectrum of vendor-specific solutions, customized hardware, IoT, cloud-based services, voice solutions and key Partnerships with leading manufacturers, CorpShadow is a unique player in the market assisting businesses of all sizes eliminate cost-intensive procurement processes, boost the value of customer support capabilities, and deliver its portfolio at highly competitive pricing.

“We understand market trends, identify sought-after products and provide industry leading support to mitigate emerging supply chain disruptions for all our valued customers regardless of business size or segment,” says Awais Mirza, managing director of CorpShadow.

CorpShadow embeds a business model that explores product sourcing, delivery, and support services that are best suited for prevalent client challenges.
Over the years, it has worked to push numerous new products into the market, strengthening the Canadian supply chain and instilling businesses with the ability to cope with ever-growing consumer demand, while streamlining operations, increasing profitability, and maximizing ROI. For instance, the value proposition for our customers with our Cloud Phone Server product is unmatched.

With a dedicated LOB for IOT, gateway products like Firefly, Latte Panda and project centric original equipment manufacturer (OEM) as well as original design manufacturer (ODM) services, CorpShadow simplifies complex networking projects to help its clients deliver true value for their end customer with no supply disruptions.

Having developed key partnerships with Global leaders like Singapore-headquartered Compex System, CorpShadow also showcases unrivaled IoT prowess by helping clients bypass conventional software redundancies ensuring deployment of high-performing and reliable IoT-powered applications.

Recently, CorpShadow utilized its unmatched competencies to assist a client in sourcing an HDMI cable that precisely aligned with the client’s stringent requirements. For this project, rigorous testing was performed across multiple mock solutions to ensure that the final product met the customer’s specifications. Once a design was approved, insights were incorporated from the mock testing to deliver an 8K HDMI cable within the client’s preferred time and budget.

In another instance, it assisted the U.S.-based dealership management software provider, PBS Systems, in reducing the costs of providing SonicWall access points to their customers by providing the same security features at a markedly lower price. Using its vertically integrated portfolio that consolidates design, manufacturing, and procurement of IT solutions, CorpShadow brought down the delivery costs by more than 80%.

Similarly, established clients like the U.S. Navy, Netflix, and the Canadian Ministry of Defense rely on CorpShadow for product procurement. These successes are driven by its emphasis on continually exploring new niche requirements across various industries, which enables the company to provide an ever-growing portfolio.

Moving forward, CorpShadow aims to continue developing dynamic solutions that accurately meet the ever-evolving needs of the business landscape and enable its clientele to confidently augment their IT and networking infrastructures.


Ontario, Canada

Awais Mirza, Managing Director

CorpShadow is a customer centric, customized solution and services-based company. The company focuses on client’s requirements to build project centric products and delivers them efficiently helping its valued customers stay on target and with in budget