Correlata Solutions Ltd.: Securing IT Infrastructure Operations and Quality of Service with Proactive Analytics

Ofer Laksman, Chairman & CEO
A flurry of technological developments like convergence computing, cloud services and agile solutions are fueling the IT infrastructure today to bring in greater levels of efficiency and flexibility. Ironically, these very advancements are also acting as a catalyst to augment complexities, security issues, data resiliency and redundancy in the IT infrastructure deployment and operations domain. The lack of cross-domain visibility and partial information continues to plague the IT infrastructure making it vulnerable to risks of service availability and data loss. “Considering these challenges, CIOs look for solutions that can predict which operations and infrastructure issues may impact the business in the future, rather than solving them once the loss has incurred,” begins Ofer Laksman, Co-Founder and CEO, Correlata. This requires a new set of tools based on advanced analytics capabilities of the infrastructure, reviewing and inspecting resource allocation, aligning the provision of IT resources to the right environments/applications, meeting strict SLA’s and mitigating risks. Israel and New York based Correlata steps in to meet these requirements by using a unique data-fusion analytic concept (patent pending), and providing a new level of management insights and visibility on ALL data center operations, across ALL systems, platforms, and applications.

Correlata identifies “black holes” in the IT setup by governing all aspects of IT operations with a single-pane approach, maximizing infrastructure utilization, improving IT efficiency and quality of service.

To put it succinctly, “Correlata focuses on a proactive approach and assists in managing problems with ticketing, notification and remediation and alerting on IT infrastructure issues that should be fixed to prevent the business from suffering an IT infrastructure failure,” says Laksman.

Tracing back to 2009, the co-founders of Correlata—former Israel Airforce Servicemen—spurred an idea from HUD (head-up display) used in airplanes. They developed an HUD for the CIOs to project data from different IT domains onto a single pane, to correlate and generate valuable insights. Correlata—offers full visibility and transparency right from the data center floor to the boardroom. Correlata’s Platform enables the highest level of visibility into the IT infrastructure with its ability to cross-silo and correlate hard-to-reach critical IT information from the entire data center infrastructure.

Correlata focuses on a proactive approach and assists in managing problems with ticketing, notification and remediation and alerting on IT infrastructure issues

Correlata ensures proper resources are allocated to the right environment or application as defined by business metrics classified by alignment. In addition to this, the company offers two SaaS services—One Time Assessment (OTA) Service and a Full Platform Service. Correlata OTA Service inspects data center operations to offer deep analysis report of the risks and savings, whereas the Full Platform Service includes Correlata’s unique dashboard and the analytic’s proactive capacities “Correlata Full Platform Service allows the organization to get detailed daily based insights and accurate KPIs that enable them to maximize management and operational capabilities and reduce the number of IT operational risks in a single click,” explains Laksman.

Correlata has worked closely with diverse industries like government, telecommunications, healthcare, and finance with its out-of-the-box concept of ‘Management of IT’ domain. The company has performed several OTAs— fast, accurate audit diagnostics—to bring about improvement in the IT operations and provide immediate ROI of around 30 percent of their client’s investment and improvement of around 50 percent in quality of service. The main takeaway from Correlata lies in breaking the silo-effect complexity, bringing in IT business alignment, turning data into practical information, and providing immediate savings and ROI.

Moving forward, the company looks forward to expand its business domain along with developing new features within technology solutions to stand out in the ‘Management of IT’ space.

Correlata Solutions Ltd

Israel and New York, NY

Ofer Laksman, Chairman & CEO

Provider of proactive, analytical software solution for valuable insights to enable transparency throughout data center IT infrastructure environment

Correlata Solutions Ltd