Correlsense: Application Monitoring Made Easy

Lanir Shacham, Founder & CEO
With the evolution from stand-alone to client-server applications, distributed and lately to cloud-based software platforms, expectations of higher availability and faster response time—irrespective of the device used—have increased. In turn, the need for application performance management has also evolved. Although IT organizations monitor their application’s performance, there isn’t a clear view of what’s happening. Since most companies use a domain-centric approach to performance management, it gets challenging to view individual events or to see the performance of end-to-end services. Correlsense ensures the effective performance of all business critical applications, which span across the domain, including mobile, cloud, SaaS, data center, and legacy mainframes.

Correlsense solves a set of complex challenges that remain unsolved by other vendors. With its SharePath software, it helps its customers to efficiently isolate performance hindrances and diagnose them in real time. SharePath’s unique sophisticated technology is easy to implement and does not require any detailed understanding of the application or the code. Alongside resolving performance issues, SharePath minimizes the risks associated with new rollouts, optimizes applications to enable an enhanced user experience, and improves the capacity planning process. Standing ahead of its peers in the market, SharePath comes along with broad technology coverage, enhanced granularity, and independent implementation. With the latest release of its SharePath 4.0, Correlsense has also augmented a dramatically improved search functionality to enhance the user experience, while also adding new features that empower enterprise IT customers.

The FIBI (First International Bank of Israel), one of Israel’s five largest banking groups, which offers consumer and commercial banking services, is one of the several customers that use Correlsense’s SharePath to diagnose application performance problems. FIBI’s clients and employees depend on a number of applications, one of which is a business application that connects 6000 users from 200 branches across Israel. The mission-critical application began to encounter performance issues; clients began to complain about slow response time and service disconnections.

Due to our passion, small teams, and some of the best experts in the market, we are able to create new and better IT application tools every day

The fact that this application, consisting of several components, was highly complex made it harder to determine the cause of service degradation. Each team began to use its isolated monitoring tool and claimed that its systems were working. Yet the problem continued. FIBI then directly installed Correlsense’s SharePath into the production environment to clearly understand the problems. According to Chen Moskovich, a leader in the infrastructure team at FIB Correlsense’s platform eliminated the need to sit with the developer or ask him to touch the code in the process of monitoring. This is one of the main advantages that SharePath has over other APM products. FIBI now manages application performance and resolves its problems with SharePath as a core end-to-end monitoring tool.

Correlsense was the first to introduce JavaScript automatic injection at the webserver level using an agent so that the customers can measure real-user experience and not synthetic monitoring like earlier. “We really enjoy what we do; and due to our passion, small teams, and some of the best experts in the market, we are able to create new and better IT application tools every day. We have always been at the forefront of innovation in our market” says Lanir Shacham, founder and CEO of Correlsense.

Through partnerships with companies like Citrix, IBM, and Oracle, Correlsense ensures that its products integrate and work with other systems and technologies. The increasing demand for ready-made and SaaS-based APM solutions, and widespread adoption of personal devices in the workplace, certainly showcases the need for solutions like Correlsense’s SharePath.


Cambridge, MA

Lanir Shacham, Founder & CEO

Provides application performance management software that diagnoses performance problems in real time and across all applications