CORTAC Group: Aligning Projects with Business Goals

Bob Mullen, Co-founders
Technology is changing the project management landscape by providing teams with the ability to improve their communication, integrate solutions more quickly, become more efficient, and improve the customer experience. Market changes and disruptions being imposed on teams today include the integration of near real time data with functional automation to improve decision making. “We leverage technology to put our clients ahead of the competition” states Bob Mullen, Co-founder, CORTAC Group. Organizations that are not leveraging these technologies are being left behind as competing business elements are responding more quickly and accurately to the needs of their customers.

In response to this need, CORTAC Group, a Rolling Hills Estates CA based firm, uses its experience in business capture, Program and Project Management (PPM), and mergers to provide two solution sets to their customers. The first solution set provides Real Time/ Shared Tools, where CORTAC develops and integrates project management tools and processes that facilitate leadership of distributed team organizations using web-based dashboards.

The second solution set provides Improved Business Intelligence with expertise in analytical thinking and web-based technology tools. CORTAC brings sophisticated quantitative and statistical tools and processes that quickly integrate data from multiple platforms and systems that allows project teams to quickly perform quantitative analysis to develop, support and execute their competitive strategies.

“While there are many off-the-shelf tools that perform these functions, tailoring these tools for our clients assures their objectives are met more efficiently,” states Bob Mullen. “CORTAC is adept in applying various tools to inject Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) in existing workflows, which are typically done manually,” states Tom Eide, Co-founder, CORTAC. CORTAC’s analytics capability enables clients to monitor and discern activities and performance of its internal teams in real-time and improve business processes. The firm’s expertise in using Power BI for performance analysis plays a crucial role with providing businesses with data visualization for enhanced decision making. “Analytics enables leaders to understand and identify the challenges in schedule implementation and follow-up,” states Eide.

Our clients receive real-time project insights while the PPM tools ensure ease of communication and seamless data transmission across the teams

“Through BI tools, businesses can analyze schedules at a granular level.”

In addition to its range of holistic offerings, CORTAC also provides SharePoint solutions tailored to the needs of their clients. “95 percent of companies use SharePoint as a document storage tool exclusively and don’t take advantage of the project management tools,” continues Eide. As firms include extensions of SharePoint capabilities, clients can conduct operations globally and avoid the needless expenditure associated with training on new project management tools.

The leadership of CORTAC is aware of the growing preference for moving from on-premise solutions to cloud products and services. “We assist clients in migrating on-premise applications to more flexible and accessible cloud based services,” states Mullen. The company partners with the client’s IT team to ensure cloud deployment is economical and efficient.

In one of the implementation highlights, Microsoft engaged CORTAC as a technology partner to manage its data center build-up program across the globe and support Microsoft’s initiative to accelerate its cloud business. CORTAC performed gap analysis and supported the client with schedule management capabilities with the assignment of staff members at different data center sites. CORTAC’s team provides project cost control measures across the different data center sites to help expedite the data center infrastructure build-up.

In its pursuit to create success stories akin to Microsoft, CORTAC looks forward to expanding the use of BI and Analytics. “At the end of the day, we want to transform the business decision making process with the power of analytics,” concludes Mullen.


Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Bob Mullen, Co-founders and Tom Eide, Jim Helsper, Co-founders

Offers program and project management solutions to streamline the operations and inject efficiency in business decision making