Cosentry: Tailoring Solutions to Meet Customers’ Changing IT Requirements

Craig Hurley, VP, Product Management
CIOs of mid-sized companies are constantly challenged with looking for ways to strike a balance between meeting the everyday demands in IT and the strategic needs of their business. Increasingly, more and more CIOs are leveraging Microsoft Azure’s cloud solutions to meet customer expectations and to effectively achieve their business goals. By providing a flexible solution which meets the needs of all companies, regardless of their size, Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing platform has been creating a wave of change across industries. Cosentry, a trusted member of Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, empowers their clients to focus attention on theirstrategic business objectives while leaving the day to day management of their IT infrastructure challenges to Cosentry. Cosentry has evolved from being a colocation provider tobecoming the leading provider of ITservices in the Midwest. “We expanded our product portfolio by adding managed services and infrastructure-as-a-service platforms to meet the evolution in our customers’ needs. Our hybrid cloud offering, which combines SQL Server in a hosted private cloud with Azure, is the most recent addition to our growing portfolio,” says Craig Hurley, Cosentry’s VP,Product Management. Cosentry has expertise in offering managed private cloud, managed Azure, hybrid cloud, and Office 365 services.

“Our services are aimed towards mid-sized organizations that intend to leverage our managed services capabilities in Azure. We help in managing their hosted private cloud which also includes SQL Server implementations,” says Hurley.

Cosentry was one of the first organizations to implement Managed Azure. Their strategy enables companies to reap the benefits of the cloudfor test/development, backup, or disaster recovery. Additionally, this approach can be utilized to host customer’s production environment in a hosted private cloud at any of Cosentry’s nine data centers.
The primary value provided by Cosentry throughthis service is around-the-clock management of a hybrid environment, where the workloads are monitored, patched, secured, and protected both in Azure and in Cosentry’s data center.“We augment our customers’ internal IT by handling any problems that may arise in their infrastructure and managing day-to-day details that obstruct the path of innovation,” says Hurley.

Cosentry works closely with Microsoft to technically validate services and enable best-practice solutions for hybridcloud deployments including connections to Microsoft Azure’s global cloud. “The combination of our hybrid cloud consulting and managed services expertise simplifies the adoption of the public cloud for our customers. This enables them to focus their internal resources on more strategic initiatives that support business growth and helps them gain a distinctive position in the market,” states Hurley.

Numerous factors influence Cosentry’s performance and position in the cloud managed services segment. Elaborating on this, Hurley adds, “Our product portfolio is designed based on our customers’current requirements with a keen eye on their growth plans. To exceed our customers’ expectations, we are constantly training our engineers and support staff to deliver an exceptional customer experience and to provide insight that also addresses both the current and future needs of our clients.” Additionally on the innovation front, Cosentry is also focusing on how to increasingly leverage Azure for Disaster Recoverysolutions.

For the road ahead, Cosentry is preparing to expandtheir Disaster Recovery services by utilizing Microsoft's Azure Site Recovery. “By leveraging Azure Site Recovery we can implement for our customers a comprehensive disaster recovery plan with recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) that suits their budget requirements,” concludes Hurley.


Omaha, NE

Craig Hurley, VP, Product Management

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