CoSolutions: Commitment to Excellence in ITSM

Donald Plebuch, SVP
A hint of zeal reflects as Donald Plebuch, Senior VP, CoSolutions, touches upon IT Service Management (ITSM). A seasoned IT veteran in the federal and Department of Defense (DoD) markets, Plebuch views ITSM as a continuum of services that maximize IT user productivity toward defined mission objectives based upon detailed planning, benchmarks and measurements, root cause analysis, triage, remedial actions and open communications that drive continuous improvement. “True ITSM is about “doing it right” as an enterprise– the implementation of desired and well-tested IT systems for accomplishing mission objectives and the distribution of knowledge with no room for surprises or propagation of residual issues,” he adds. CoSolutions’ rich range of tools and IT services does just that. The company is predominately a game changer in the Federal ITSM market. As a trusted partner of DoD and Federal Civilian agencies, CoSolutions streamlines enterprise IT support to facilitate robust and real time national defense, infrastructure security, personnel protections, and individualized services.

CoSolutions’ ITSM services area key mission enabler for government agencies working in real-time to assimilate large volumes of data to formulate decisions that affect national security, and protect and support service personnel or the public at large. The firm provides a unique range of applications and IT services for government agencies to align and unify services with their mission. CoSolutions’ modus operandi unifies multiple service desks across distinct entities onto a single, integrated platform to efficiently handle people and groups, operational reporting, integrate event management feeds into the service desk, and satisfy customer requests in a timely manner.

The company stands on the belief that ITSM cannot be effective without first embracing and understanding the customer mission being supported. Before engaging in support activities, CoSolutions’ dedicated ITSM staff is indoctrinated into the customer agency’s mission. This includes training on each customer’s unique customer base, business processes, working environments and any other operational nuances that could have an impact on delivering quality support to the end user. CoSolutions staff is well-trained to be aware of their significance and unique role in underpinning an organization’s mission, workflows, criticalities, and impacts of failures to support the mission. Today, ITSM methods have evolved to include specific ways to enable and optimize assessment, planning, and implementation of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices.

True ITSM is about “doing it right” as an enterprise— the systems, tools, processes and attitude that ensure mission success

ITSM staff at CoSolutions is encouraged to achieve ITIL certifications and to facilitate better integration and communications across the supported enterprise and customer stakeholders. For ITSM programs, over 85 percent of the firm’s staff are certified to Help Desk Institute (HDI) standards, reflecting the level of knowledge required for specific roles, ranging from Help Desk Analysts to Desktop Support Specialists to Support Center Directors. The Company leverages HDI training to improve efficiency and increase service quality at the same time encouraging employee professional development and job satisfaction – a win-win-win for the customer, employees, and Company.

Elaborating on the firm’s entourage of services, Plebuch points out an instance where a customer identified a need to unify numerous disparate service desks deployed throughout the Department of the Navy—payroll, personnel, and educational assistance—into a single Navy-wide enterprise service desk. CoSolutions is working in partnership with its customer to efficiently assimilate new service workflows, expand tool use, and leverage industry best practices to reduce Government costs and improve services which ultimately drive overall customer satisfaction. CoSolutions’ ability to analyze root causes through data analytics has helped the Company spot trends, refine processes, and eliminate redundant actions, boosting staff productivity and increasing customer satisfaction.

CoSolutions is riding high on a wave by partnering with Government customers to implement a new vision of ITSM. With Government’s drive to “do more with less,” CoSolutions’ ability to leverage its expertise and lessons learned to successfully streamline ITSM implementations is keeping CoSolutions at the forefront of Government service innovation.


Sterling, VA

Donald Plebuch, SVP

Provides mission critical enterprise IT service management, cyber security, data center operations, applications development, and program management for federal agencies