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Scott Upp, Managing Director
CoSourcing Partners has created its own category of services in the area of robotic process automation (RPA). More than just a consultancy or a solutions provider, CoSourcing takes a hybrid approach, bringing quality solutions, expert consulting, and staff augmentation to help companies automate their business processes and infrastructure. At a time when manufacturing is making its way back into the U.S., demanding more of automation to keep the costs in check, CoSourcing is in an ideal position to help companies transform their workflow by adopting RPA.

Scott Upp, Managing Director, CoSourcing Partners explains, “While most companies want to embrace automation, they often don’t understand which part of their infrastructure they should automate.” CoSourcing Partners addresses these issues through its Strategic Roadmap Assessment strategy through which it reviews client’s business processes and helps them identify areas where they can automate. What is more, the company also helps them assess the cost involved, and the ROI they can gain out of the automation opportunities. “We don’t just automate for the sake of automation, but we take a lean six sigma approach, helping clients optimize the processes before automating them.”Besides, the company also helps clients to find the right software that works best for their unique needs and makes apt recommendations to improve the work processes.

Big companies often tend to take it on themselves to build an RPA suite by building out their own Center of Excellence (CoE), but they fail to get the project through to fruition because of a lack of knowledge and RPA expertise. In such a scenario, CoSourcing can develop the business case for RPA, conduct resource planning, and provide onsite or remote RPA developers. While CoSourcing encourages its clients to develop their own CoE, it also augments the abilities of their staff by training them to fill the knowledge gaps.

Upp informs that they aim to reduce the deficit of RPA developers and accelerate the software development timeline through their incubator partnership program started last year.
Rita Brunk, Vice President
The incubator partnership provides clients with on-demand RPA consultants that are experts in RPA SDLC development, deployment, and orchestration and bring rich experience in working with solutions from such RPA solutions companies as Kryon, UiPath, Blue Prism, and Automation Anywhere. As an added value, CoSourcing also allows its clients to recruit from its rich pool of RPA developers who have been consistently associated with the client for 12 months.

Having consulting and staff augmentation as the backbone, CoSourcing excels as the go-to RPA services partner for enhanced automations such as reading e-mailed forms, entering specific data into client systems and then storing them in a smart way, HR and payroll reporting, employee data management, system access, inter-company billings, and inventory reconciliation to name a few. Rita Brunk, VP of Robotic Process Automation, recalled an incident where CoSourcing helped an insurance company looking to undergo a system conversion by transferring large number of records from an old system to a new one in place of hiring temporary resources. CoSourcing assessed the problems faced by the insurance company and deployed appropriate robots to simplify the complex and tedious task of system conversion. In another instance, CoSourcing automated the work process of a large-scale bottle packaging company, which saved one-third of what the client had to expend if they had hired IBM consultancy.

In the days ahead, CoSourcing will be deploying an additional 200 RPA developers to its clients’ sites even as it continues delivering expertise representing all the major RPA solution providers, by staying updated with latest software version releases. Enabled with a proven business strategy, CoSourcing is venturing further into commercial RPA and healthcare.

CoSourcing Partners

Westmont, IL

Scott Upp, Managing Director and Rita Brunk, Vice President

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