COSS Systems: Feature-Loaded Solutions To Solve Manufacturing Issues

Since 1992, COSS Systems has been optimizing operations through the automation of business processes. Designed for small to mid-sized manufacturers, manufacturing software has streamlined hundreds of businesses.

Headquartered in Greenwich, CT, COSS has over 20 years experience and supports clients world-wide. It combines its years of experience solving manufacturing concerns with a solid technological foundation based on the newest development tools.

At COSS Systems, its ERP solutions trace exactly where waste and inefficiencies are hurting profits in small to mid-sized manufacturing operations. Its skills, expertise and experience in manufacturing solutions, implementation, support and training promise to make its clients manufacturing processes more efficient and profitable. Its main product and manufacturing software, COSSERP along with its ERP services, provides a true value to manufacturing operations.

The company’s understanding of manufacturing environments helps it better serve its clients and quickly deliver results. It continually enhances its solutions in response to customer needs and to keep in step with the rapidly changing manufacturing marketplace. From its roots in the custom manufacturing and job shop industries, COSS has evolved to meet the changing needs of manufacturers in industries such as aerospace, defense, electronics, and machine building.

COSS delivers solutions that solve immediate issues and concerns. To help its clients gain a competitive advantage, COSS offers feature-rich solutions for small- to mid-sized businesses and for manufacturers with more extensive requirements. At the same time, it provides its clients with the technological foundation to develop, grow, and stay ahead of changes in data interchange and communication. Since COSS is scalable, it can easily accommodate the changing needs of a growing company. The company sees people taking real advantage of what its system has to offer because of the way it moves the data seamlessly.

Antonia Spitzer, President
“Of all the manufacturing software solutions ETEK Training Solution has supported over the past 15 years, COSS Manufacturing is head and shoulders above the rest both in terms of product performance and company responsiveness. Their U.S. installation team has been very successful installing and training customers on their entire product line,” says Jeff Buongiorno , Master VAR.

If a person has to manufacture unique products, or produce to his customers specifications, that’s where COSS thrives. Someone who is a contractor and is quoting for manufacturers like the aerospace industry, the electronic industry, etc. is who the company sees traction in.

“The biggest challenge the company faces is making sure that we keep abreast of the needs of the Boeings and the likes, so that we can ensure our clientele is always in compliance with their requirements,” says Antonia, President of COSS systems. “Another challenge the company faces is that it has to constantly redevelop its software, not on the features and functionality but purely to stay up with the latest technology,” she adds.

COSS claims to continue to develop the tools that our customers want for the manufacturing clients. It has always tried to stay one step ahead of its clients’ needs and find out what their clients want before they do. The company is always trying to know what the clients contractors want them to do, to be able to make sure that it can pass that downscale. The company’s push would be to make sure that its customers can technically be able to handle what their clients are asking for. COSS also plans to expand out of North America. It has seen interest in Europe and has started partnering with various retailers in other countries, particularly England.

COSS Systems

Greenwich, CT

Antonia Spitzer, President

Developing integrated manufacturing and ERP solutions for small- to mid-sized manufacturers