Cotap: Enabling Real-time Communication Across Field Service

CIO VendorJim Patterson, CEO & co-founder
Increasingly businesses irrespective of their size or functions are dependent on effective communication across all levels. Therefore, enterprises around the globe are compelled to move beyond legacy communication systems. However, establishing a well-connected communication network is still a challenge for several organizations. This challenge of enabling efficient real-time connection is apparent in the Field Service arena. As field service agents continually travel, it is vital for them to remain connected and track work status. Often, there is a gap in the domain with respect to communication between dispatchers, managers and others on the field. San Francisco based Cotap with its mobile apps that facilitate highly convenient and sheltered texting for Field Service Teams is creating a difference for such companies. “Despite the availability of numerous options such as e-mail or text messaging for contact at work, the industry is still far from the way we communicate in personal lives,” says Jim Patterson, CEO, Cotap.

Cotap noticed that the existing ways of communication in field service still has room for improvement. For instance, e-mails, used at workplace, require constant checking for updates. “Since field service teams are expected to remain well-connected with their colleagues, while at the same time providing excellent customer service, they require a communication strategy that will help increase productivity. Mobile technology is the perfect option for delivering a better customer experience because it allows field service workers to get urgent questions answered without needing to pull out a laptop,” adds Patterson. The potential of mobile technology to transform the current field service is what inspired the firm to create its mobile apps for establishing quick and hassle-free connection at all levels of the field service sector.

In spite of several field-service apps, Cotap manages to stand out from the rest due to its unique characteristics. As an example, in field services, it is imperative to convey updates on late arrival, delay in delivery, outage reports or other minute details, which is often cumbersome.

“Cotap serves as an efficient way of communicating quick status updates without compromising on customer experience,” continues Patterson.
Additionally, the company’s apps make it possibleto easily connect with support engineers, share documents, photos, videos and equipment requests for on-field workers, thereby saving huge amounts of time and cutting down on the possibility of delays. Cotap also addresses the critical need for apps that are operational on Android, iOS and even the desktop. Moreover, Cotap customers have the ability to send custom push notifications so as to keep everyone aware of any last-minute changes or other urgent messages.

For example, L-3 Communications, a prime contractor in aerospace systems and national security solutions was in search of a system for distributing business-critical alerts to employee mobile devices. Their choice was Cotap, which has significantly improved the speed at which its mobile teams receive timely and critical information. Additionally, teams use Cotap to get after-hours IT and customer support, notify teams of critical or timely issues, communicate changes to processes and procedures across geographies, and to replace email for short or urgent messages.

Cotap’s uniqueness also lies in its keen focus on superior end-user experience which enables the firm to combine features that benefit users with the security measures required by contemporary enterprises. In addition, exceptional emphasis is placed on end-to-end security, Cotap encrypts data at rest and in transit and employs the latest security best practices such as multi-factor authentication.

In spite of several field-service apps, Cotap manages to stand out from the rest with its unique characteristics such as document, photo and video sharing and custom mobile alerts

Moving forward, Cotap is well prepared to go beyond simple mobile messaging–for example, the company is working on features such as live video streaming and voice capabilities for the field service industry.


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Jim Patterson, CEO & co-founder

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