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Doug Williams, CEO There are numerous occasions where people download mobile and website applications predominantly due to its aesthetics, layout and design. Gone are the days when applications can afford to look drab and still attract users with just good content. Modern users expect an immersive digital experience which will keep them glued to the application and ultimately help them glean most from the application. This digital transition has opened up new business opportunities for startups and established enterprises to gain a broader target audience, deliver better customer engagement, and finally to promote their brand.

In the alluring city of Dayton, Ohio, rests a company called Mitosis which ardently provides digital experiences which fall into today’s e-business trends. The company is a full-service creative agency that adopts a data-agnostic approach helping brands grow by creating end-to-end online storefronts. Building creative experiences through the use of innovative, technological, distribution, and production capabilities, Mitosis is one of the market leaders in the website development and design space. “Mitosis was founded on a simple principle to create digital experiences that initiate demand and drive business outcomes for our clients,” affirms Tyler Back, principal director of Mitosis.

Taking inspiration from the biological term, ‘mitosis,’ the company enables businesses to create digital extensions and deliver greater brand value. Mitosis begins this digital transformation journey by doing a thorough analysis of its client’s business. The analysis includes the online data from their existing websites and CRM data sets, and various other offline data such as sales structures, user flows, and the buyer’s entire journey. This helps the company to identify the cause of business challenges and system disintegrations, and develop feature sets to help streamline and solve problems. The business data helps Mitosis to find ways to facilitate various business-to-business initiatives, while the consumer data assists in arranging loyalty programs that are perfectly integrated with the client’s website. “We provide data-driven and analytics-based insights that transform businesses,” says Tyler Back, Principal Director of Mitosis.

Ever Agile in Responding to the Ever- Changing Market

Performing creative development in-house, Mitosis allows clients to get resolutions to virtually any problem they encounter quickly. The firm is always nimble and agile in responding to the ever-changing landscape. Mitosis lets its clients get their DBAs and IT managers directly in touch with the technical teams without an intermediary, thus enhancing the stream of communication. “We are partners with our clients and not just vendors,” points out Tyler.

Mitosis was founded on a simple principle to create digital experiences that initiate demand and drive business outcomes for our clients

Every successful company has a strong innovation lab, and Mitosis is no different. The firm bridges the gaps in a client’s ecosystem left unfulfilled by SAP, SalesForce, and Oracle through substantial investments in innovation. Mitosis also prides itself on creating stellar physical experiences with digital interactions in newer and trendier ways. “If you can give the viewer a different experience which they have not encountered before, you get them interested and engrossed in it,” explains Tyler. Further, the company also develops and fabricates hardware that helps facilitate human interaction.

Mitosis is a Google Analytics Certified Partner that also holds expertise in working with Tableau and Oracle Eloqua to build data visualization systems. The company takes pride in delivering a broad range of commodity products such as responsive frontend websites and mobile apps—all developed in-house. They also work with the client’s in-house IT teams to help with data integrations across various system silos within their organization. The company takes an active partnership approach with their clients, and often, expands inside their business into other business functions such as sales enablement. Additionally, Mitosis assists in sales enablement during trade shows with marketing through interactive executions such as retail and POP displays and kiosks. “We thrive on tactical execution, enabling users to interact with items, and bringing brands to life physically,” claims Tyler.

It is imperative for a company to be up-to-date with the newest and the latest technologies. Mitosis strives hard and pushes its team to remain on the bleeding-edge of technology and emerging solutions. Interacting with plenty of new innovative players, the company is always hinged upon a great view of what to expect over the horizon. The firm also has its eyes fixed on the technologies and solutions emerging out of the Asian manufacturing market which enables it to stay ahead of the curve. “We are not a mere development firm; our approach is primarily driven to tackle business challenges,” asserts Tyler.
Customer Relationships and the Future

Tyler cites an impressive case study that highlights Mitosis’s prowess in assisting a Fortune 500 technical service provider in a significant B2B retail show. The client’s primary concern was to find technological solutions for targeting and engaging the millennial crowd. They also required tracking millennials throughout the customer journey process such as promotions, in-store behavior, and call center interactions. Going way beyond the generic digital execution, Mitosis implemented a full campaign initiative including print, online digital ad, a landing page, and a whole trade booth with digital signage. Over the course of the show, Mitosis helped generate a whopping 600 qualified leads and turned out as one of the most attended tradeshow experiences for the client—delivering a positive business impact of over $6 million.

"The approach, the blended knowledge, and our in-house capabilities make us unique"

Mitosis is currently leveraging the latest video technologies such as 3D projection mapping and 360 live-action types of equipment as digital engagement tools. Complementing its impressive 100 percent client retention, the company is set to expand internally by tripling their footprint and hiring fresh blood by the end of 2018. They are also monitoring the manufacturing space for providing clients with the latest technologies as and when they pop out.

Meiosis, a sister company, is working on developing a fully featured product that combines CRM, ERP, website CMS, email marketing platform, social media management, digital signage, and interactive kiosk into a centralized, data agnostic tool. The product aims at closing major gaps in current technologies and creating interactive experience throughout the organization. The company is primed for success with bags of resources, knowledge, and expertise. “The approach, the blended knowledge, and our in-house capabilities make us unique,” concludes Tyler.

Cotiviti [NYSE:COTV]

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Doug Williams, CEO

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