Couchbase: Enterprise NoSQL for Data Centers and Connected Devices

Bob Wiederhold, CEO
The increasing demand for superior database technologies is driving organizations toward adapting NoSQL databases to meet the growing need for both quick storage and access to very large volumes of data across multiple servers. Enterprises are now relying on NoSQL technology to scale concurrent data, gain access to millions of connected devices and systems, and meet the performance requirements of the infrastructure and operations.By implementing NoSQL, companies are able to provide scalable and superior performance and address the issues that the relational model is incapable of dealing with. “NoSQL provides flexible, schemaless data model that better maps to an application’s data organization and simplifies the interaction between the application and the database, resulting in less code to write, debug, and maintain,” says Bob Wiederhold, CEO, Couchbase.

Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, Couchbase is an open source NoSQL database company that delivers effective services for interactive applications. The company builds high performance applications for data centers, connected devices with NoSQL database. Couchbase handles large datasets and real time processing needs in NoSQL, and also in complex database and enterprise software operations.The company provides Couchbase Server, a NoSQL distributed database with a flexible data model. The product is a high performing NoSQL distributed database which energizes enterprise web, mobile, and IoT applications. Through its service Document Database, Couchbase provides access, index, and query documents while taking advantage of integrated caching for high performance data access. It also supplies scalable, low-latency access to large in-memory datasets, optionally via theme cache and clients.

Further, the company offers Couchbase Server 4.0 BETA, an open source NoSQL database that offers early access to latest releases that can be used for testing and planning future system upgrades.With the 4.0 BETA’s new feature N1Q1, users can develop scalable applications that work with next generation database systems and significantly enhance security and make accessing documents faster.
“We facilitate secure deployments by providing security controls to access the entire stack, from physical protection of the network infrastructure to Couchbase Server and the deployed applications,” says Wiederhold.

The company’s Couchbase Mobile delivers the full power and flexibility of NoSQL to mobile devices. It is engineered to implement fast and consistent access to data, with or without a network connection, and removes the network dependency that the service-based approaches require. The product synchronizes data between the mobile device and the cloud. “Couchbase Mobile products give the developer community a platform to code robust and responsive applications in a fraction of the time,” says Wiederhold.

Couchbase serves users by creating, storing, retrieving, aggregating, manipulating, and presenting data. The company has been helping in the growth of NoSQL in major areas. For instance, Millennial Media, an independent audience platform in digital advertising, used Couchbase as its primary application backend to drive innovation and thought leadership in mobile advertising. With its built-in caching technology enabling submillisecond response times, Couchbase Server allowed for extremely high and consistent performance which Millennial Media needed. Furthermore, Couchbase’s Cross Data Center Replication (XDCR) feature enabled Millennial to successfully support its two data centers.

We accelerate web, mobile, and IoT applications with the NoSQL database

With NoSQL, Couchbase has been able to deliver better performance, scalability, and flexibility. Customers are able to get access to database through ecommerce sites, social sites, and network platform. The company further plans to meet the performance and scalability requirements of enterprise web, mobile, and IoT applications with NoSQL database.


Mountain View, CA

Bob Wiederhold, CEO

Building high performance applications with enterprise NoSQL for data centers and connected devices