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CIO VendorWilliam J. Markmann Jr., President
Faced with an increasingly complex regulatory environment coupled with the ever-present need to increase efficiency, many large enterprises have adopted Business Process Management (BPM) platforms to bring automation and auditability to their processes. As a result, the BPM software market has seen tremendous growth, with some analysts predicting that it will double again in the next five years. In recent years, the market has seen a proliferation of commercial BPMS vendors, as well as the maturation of compelling open source alternatives, indicating that traditional BPM software has become increasingly commoditized.

Counterpoint Consulting, a Vienna, VA based software and services consultancy, has responded to this trend in several ways. First, the company formed a strategic partnership with one of the major BPM platforms vendors, OpenText, which has the market presence and solid technical platform to ensure that it will remain a leader in the space. Second, Counterpoint has developed value-added extensions to the OpenText platform to accelerate solution delivery for its customers as well as pre-built applications. “Over the last few years, Counterpoint has made significant investments in productizing its experience in developing process-focused applications into solution accelerators,” says William Markmann, President of Counterpoint. “This allows our customers to use pre-built components to rapidly deliver working applications while still leveraging all the functionality of the underlying BPMS.”

In the second quarter of 2015, Counterpoint is gearing up to release its full-featured RFx management (RFI, RFQ, RFP) solution built on top of the OpenText Process Suite. “RFaccelerate” is based on the company’s years of experience in successfully building and maintaining a mission critical eProcurement system for a major international financial institution.

We empower organizations to unleash their human capital

It enables organizations to streamline their competitive procurement processes, monitor spend, manage vendors, and automate the flow and capture of procurement information at the enterprise level. “RFaccelerate is just the first packaged application we’ll be bringing to the Process Suite platform in coming months,” says Markmann.

Asked to describe Counterpoint’s approach to BPM delivery, he says, “Our services and solution offerings are less about theoretical process optimization than they are about practical process automation.” Counterpoint’s expertise in applying process automation tools such as BPM to an existing process– without a lengthy foray into process reengineering–quickly yields significant positive impact for an organization. In automating an existing process, the company gathers data which was not previously captured. “We apply analytics to determine bottlenecks and work with the customer to further refine and optimize the process over time,” he adds. For instance, Counterpoint designed, developed, and deployed a custom Legal Case Management solution for a law firm. Prior to implementing this new application, up to 50 percent of all paralegal work hours at the firm were devoted to manual, repetitive tasks. “Since our deployment, the client has seen a significant decrease in this sort of non-value added work with a resulting increase in case throughput,” says Markmann.

Counterpoint has created sustainable competitive advantage for its clients through business and workforce automation solutions and services. “We create software which lets machines deal with administration, while enabling employees focus on the parts of their work that matter most,” remarks Markmann. “We empower organizations to unleash their human capital,” he concludes.

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William J. Markmann Jr., President

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