CounterTack: The Modern Security DNA

Raj Dodhiawala, Chief Product Officer
With viruses and malware becoming more sophisticated, organizations are continually witnessing frequent failures of conventional approaches. Even newer solutions like AI-based antivirus and application containerization systems are being bypassed very regularly. “In addition, internal threats like the rogue and irresponsible employees in the work environment are a serious challenge to an organization’s security. CounterTack thwarts these challenges through predictive analysis to identify these behaviors on endpoints. We provide better security giving security teams greater confidence to detect and act on suspicious or malicious activity from insiders or malware in real time,” explains Raj Dodhiawala, Chief Product Officer, CounterTack.

What sets CounterTack apart in the cybersecurity solutions landscape is their expertise in real-time threat data collection, in-memory analysis, and detection of unknown malware, PowerShell attacks, fileless malware, sensitive file movement, and more. CounterTack enables security teams to record events that are happening at an endpoint in real time, allowing them to analyze that data and to perform proactive threat hunting to identify malicious activities that may have occurred seconds, minutes or months ago. In addition, in-memory analysis also helps to seamlessly predict capabilities of applications that may lead to malicious behaviors. “Memory is the true place to detect cyberattacks because that’s where malware cannot hide—it can obfuscate itself on disk or on the network, but after all, it has to execute, and can only do so openly, in memory, to perform its bad acts,” explains Dodhiawala.

Based in Waltham, CounterTack offers a suite of solutions for endpoint detection as well as endpoint protection (EPP). CounterTack’s Digital DNA (DDNA)—a patented, next-generation in-memory behavior analysis technology—is one of the most advanced endpoint solutions for detecting new and advanced threat capabilities that emerge almost every day. Though DDNA powers CounterTack’s endpoint detection portfolio, it can also function as a standalone component performing memory forensics. Furthermore, being an OEM, CounterTack enables other security companies to harness the power of Digital DNA. CounterTack’s product portfolio is differentiated with these powerful technologies enabled by machine learning, offering superior performance at scale.

We provide better security with greater confidence to detect suspicious or malicious activity from insiders or malwares in realtime

CounterTack gives customers and services partners the ability to perform Active Threat Mitigation across the entire threat spectrum to protect sensitive data and ensure uninterrupted business operations. CounterTack’s expertise is not just limited to threat analysis and detection, its advanced memory forensics tool, Responder PRO, is a pre-eminent system exclusively developed for reverse engineering cyberattacks. Featuring powerful memory forensics and malware behavioral analysis capabilities, Responder PRO enables incident response professionals to collect and analyze malware attack residue and artifacts.

The solutions’ out-of-the-box implementation and robust customer support further extend the company’s value proposition. Its partnership with various managed security service providers enables it to deliver seamless services to end customers. Furthermore, CounterTack’s multitenancy capabilities allow a single deployment to support multiple customers with granular access control to their data. CounterTack’s endpoint provisioning is largely dependent on the customer’s speed in deploying endpoint agents, but is typically measured in minutes. The agents will begin sharing data as soon as the customer deploys them. Over the years, CounterTack has evolved as a valued security solutions partner to some of the leading organizations across the globe. The company aims to continue its focus on innovating and developing sophisticated technologies that can help customers tackle new challenges. The company is expanding machine learning technologies for faster and better prediction of malicious behaviors, as well as developing a degrade and deny methodology that enables customers to watch, analyze and even manipulate attacks in progress. “If our tremendous success in bake-offs is any proof, we do have the best technology and product security value for endpoint protection, detection, and response in the market today, and as we execute on our roadmap, we will further distance ourselves from the rest of the providers-we are extremely confident of that,” concludes Dodhiawala.


Waltham, MA

Raj Dodhiawala, Chief Product Officer

CounterTack delivers a suite of security solutions combining robust endpoint detection and analysis capabilities