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CIO VendorDanyetta Fleming, Magana President and Founder
The lifeblood of commerce is information-data. This lifeblood is under constant threat from the outside and inside. It is no secret that prevention of loss has not kept up with cyber development. The alarming number of security breaches are happening without regard to size or complexity of business and government. The need for data privacy and fraud prevention is paramount.

Covenant Security Solutions, Inc. (Covenant) offers help which secures data so the power of information flows unthreatened only to and from its assigned destinations. “We develop resourceful strategies through assessing security risk, security engineering, and proactive cyber operations,” says Danyetta Fleming Magana, President, Covenant Security Solutions, Inc.

The flagship solution of Covenant is Risk Assessment and Management utilizing SOPHIA (Security Operational and Intelligence Analysis) platform. Covenant Security Solutions’ SOPHIA software facilitates the convergence of physical and cyber threat information for intelligent security management. SOPHIA provides proactive tasking, management, auditing, and a central control room view for cyber and physical security areas. The system is built on a platform that is currently being used by blue chip companies across the globe (e.g., NOMURA, Level (3), Citi, and Thomson Reuters). The software enables operations and incident responses to be optimally performed and helps ensure that established practices and procedures are followed. Incidents can be monitored and audited in real time as they progress. Such a creative and productive process empowers organizations to set priorities to adapt efficient solutions that stabilize schedules, budgets, and security risk tolerances across the organization. “Covenant’s SOPHIA platform empowers enterprises to develop strategies for alleviating security risks in critical areas and maintaining preferred security standards,” says Magana.

Covenant Security Solutions, Inc. also offers Audit and Compliance services which help enterprises effectively manage regulatory and compliance requirements, classify risks, and enable them to make productive decisions to achieve more operational transparency. Covenant helps customers bridge the gap between business and IT
with its agile and innovative security engineering, and cyber operations support services. The security engineering team at Covenant is an incorporation of experienced professionals with deep domain expertise who deliver value to the customers through optimal concept exploration, design, and deployment processes. Covenant follows a multipronged approach to augment security culture in commercial platforms. “We possess a transparent objective of offering creative solutions to overcome security issues and create awareness about the importance of protecting information across the organization,” adds Magana.

We build innovative security solutions to proactively mitigate security risks against the most important asset of our customers, i.e. information

Flexible and innovative solutions are included in the comprehensive services package. Covenant has solved the complexities of information protection and cyber security risks for a multitude of enterprises. One of Covenant’s major clients was experiencing challenges due to an information breach. The client was not able to ensure security completeness based on the technical support platforms in the organization. Covenant worked closely with the client, analyzed its vulnerabilities and risk areas, and implemented resourceful solutions which saved the organization’s revenue. Covenant’s approach enabled the client to confidently handle their multibillion dollar projects and better manage their cyber risks. “The core value of our company is to secure the technological aspects of enterprises through agile, innovative, and ingenious solutions,” says Magana.

With a passion for securing cyber platforms, Covenant focuses on mitigating security risks and challenges to enterprises through cutting-edge technology, which thrusts Covenant ahead of the competition. “We aim to provide the most cost-effective, robust, and user-friendly solutions and want to revolutionize the approach of alleviating security risks and compliance factors,” concludes Magana.

Covenant Security Solutions, Inc

McLean, VA

Danyetta Fleming, Magana President and Founder

Revolutionizing the technique of mitigating cyber security risks and compliance factors with robust, user-friendly technological services.

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