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Scott Jacocks, VP and Head of ServiceNow
In today’s norm of smart workflow automation, companies are eager to leverage the power of the ServiceNow platform. However, explicit implementation requirements can be a trap for implementation partners. When companies have rigid requirements (often based on current-state processes and tools), design phases often result in highly custom configurations that create further complications including lengthy implementation cycles, onerous upgrades, support, and maintenance challenges. This “lift and shift” of legacy processes often results in no real business process transformation and minimal net gain.

Adopting an unparalleled approach in the ServiceNow space, Covestic, a ServiceNow Elite partner, conducts a business-centric assessment that gains insight into the customer’s business challenges to determine expected outcomes which ensures a more successful business transformation. This results in a reduction of custom configuration/ development cycles, less effort to support, the platform, which ultimately lowers the total cost of ownership.

“We match as much of the out-of-the-box capability of the ServiceNow platform as possible to the business needs of our customers with solutions that address gaps with maintainability, security and scalability. This gets our customers the quickest time to-value while ensuring that we are setting them up for long-term success,” says Scott Jacocks, VP, Service Management Solutions, Covestic.

This consultative approach helps a ServiceNow partner solve the common issue of ‘over-customization’. Early adopters of the ServiceNow platform relied on the need to custom build new capabilities before they were available out-of-the-box, which quickly became obsolete, hard to support, and unable to support at the pace of business today. Covestic addresses this by assessing a customer’s technical environment and works to move them closer to an out of-the-box environment, before moving ahead (or in parallel) with platform expansion.

“During the early phase of the implementation, we adopt a workshop-centric approach, addressing near-term known challenges upfront so that customers are getting quick wins right out of the gate,” says Jacocks.

Covestic’s secret is its “i-Now” solution, a proprietary cloud-based business process management tool that was perfected over a 10+ year cycle of continuous process improvement.
i-Now addresses the biggest challenges associated with any business transformation effort: Project Scope, Management, Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Governance and Communications. Everything is captured in i-Now to provide customers with a comprehensive overview, audit trail, and governance over the project.

Along with its ServiceNow practice, Covestic supports its client’s environments with a wide range of ServiceNow managed services and support for ongoing development including “Developer-on-Demand”, a program for customers that need an incremental development capacity to support a broad scope of platform applications and development.

We match the best business process and ideally the most out-of-the-box capability and power of the platform to our customers’ business challenges

Covestic recently helped a large online gaming development company unify critical business operations through the ServiceNow platform after a recent merger. Covestic’s fortified the existing environment to make it healthy and scalable and brought together stakeholders to identify gaps and unique business needs for the consolidated platform. A development plan was created to ensure business operations would not be disrupted and all changes in workflows and business processes were properly trained and communicated.

Following the implementation, the client operated on a common platform and grew their ServiceNow footprint to include Human Resources Service Delivery (HRSD), Legal Service Delivery and a host of other solutions to automate workflows across the organization. Covestic’s work played a significant role in helping to break down silos and allow the organization to operate as a single entity while catering to the needs of various business units across the globe.

As an Elite ServiceNow Partner, Covestic continues to work alongside its customers to best capitalize on the advantages of the ServiceNow platform as it helps them move toward a journey of continuous improvement, optimization, and true business transformation.


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Scott Jacocks, VP and Head of ServiceNow

Covestic, an Elite ServiceNow partner, delivers a comprehensive suite of service offerings and IT solutions based on its deep expertise of the ServiceNow platform to help organizations harness the power of their technology investments, rapidly scale their business, provide superior customer experiences, and ensure their valuable data and technology assets are protected and secure.