Covisint: A Cloud Engagement Platform to Connect and Collaborate

Sam Inman, III, CEO
Digital communication is accelerating the expectations of every constituent inside and outside industry verticals, clearly necessitating global enterprises to respond more quickly to market demands. With increased business agility, the market focus is currently more directed towards cost reduction. Michigan-based Covisint unleashes the full potential of people, companies and industries by bridging the silos that previously prevented people, processes and technologies from seamless interoperation. Infused with a $500 million investment, the company was setup in the early 2000, under the premise of enabling digital engagement across the extended automotive enterprise, to help transform one of the world’s largest industries.

This model of enabling complex and disparate business processes to anyone on any device at any time led the company to expand into other industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, energy, financial services and more.

With the rise of mobile, social, cloud and Big Data; disruption is everywhere and ironically many technologies and business processes are not designed to work together–especially outside of organizational boundaries. Covisint plays an instrumental role in helping enterprises across multiple industries to effectively face their connectivity and cloud collaboration challenges by marginally reducing interdependencies between individuals, companies and industries.

Covisint’s flagship product, the Cloud Engagement Platform primarily provides functionality needed for enterprises to transform their business in a single platform. The security component of the platform allows customers to feasibly give access to appropriate information for specific individuals—customers, employees or business partners, who are part of their business processes.

We provide solutions for our customers that allow them to be strategic instead of reactive

The platform also offers technologies that allow customers to exchange real-time data with global partners who need information to support their business.

The capabilities of the Covisint’s Cloud Engagement platform are being successfully leveraged in food and beverage, oil and gas, financial services, manufacturing and healthcare enterprises that need reliable and secure delivery of mission-critical business processes at mass scale, accelerating the speed-to-value for enterprise market.

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBSM), a MI-based health insurance company continues to rely on Covisint to manage their 6,500 agents’ access to member enrollee package information as well as training and support materials. The company provides BCBSM with a centralized audit and logging of each user’s activity to and from their applications in order to keep better track on them.

BCBSM has saved administrative costs by removing the burden and complexity of integrating business applications and managing access across thousands of users. They have also reduced internal confusion by providing a secure, reliable, and automated access to pertinent information across multiple applications. With many success stories like this, Covisint has proven its ability to meet the identity challenges for healthcare organizations without compromising security and compliance.

Going forward, Covisint continues to evolve the platform and focus on creating a robust third party developer environment to achieve portability for its cloud engagement platform and to deploy infrastructure automation.


Detroit, MI

Sam Inman, III, CEO

Covisint provides a cloud engagement platform to enable mission-critical external business processes and initiatives to help organizations in establishing a secure, reliable and integrated presence in the cloud