CPBID Technologies: LLC Streamlining Bid Process Reduces Time and Construction Spend

Wesley E Burns, Founder & CEO
Serving the U.S. Navy and working in the construction industry gave Wes Burns, the founder and CEO of CPBID Technologies, the courage and conviction to take risks and venture into the complex construction sphere. With a determination to fix the broken construction bid process, Burns, along with a competent team, built a bid management software prototype that was vigorously tested by a well-known chain-store owner. Little did Burns know at the time that the tool built by CPBID’s TotalBid product suite—a secure cloud-based construction bidding software— would win his company accolades as the only true end-to-end system for sourcing construction projects.

“We built the bid management solution on three important goals; end-to-end workflow automation, coupled with robust communications and also document management,” says Burns. With this, the entire construction bid process-flow is conjoined with document distribution, RFI notifications, stakeholder, and bid leveling collaboration.

Many well-known brands use TotalBid to standardize and streamline their bidding process and reduce their construction cost. Retailers, development and asset management companies, energy companies, program managers, architects and contractors use it to save time and money on every project. Case studies have demonstrated how TotalBid reduces time by 75 percent and cuts construction costs by up to 10 percent. The software accomplishes system workflow, analytical communication, and document management. It sorts out all the high-risk line items when the bids are submitted, and allows clients to go through the entire leveling process, notify the bidders, have their bidders make changes and respond back to them within minutes. This allows clients to monitor all project manager activity including what the bidders are doing. Everything in the system is date and time stamped—including every move and keystroke—so that nothing can be lost in the system. “With this transparency, clients can have exact, real-time knowledge about the details of their business,” says Burns.

TotalBid’s Multistage Bidding product is regarded as a win-win for project owner and contractor alike, and is the perfect alternative to the harrowing reverse bid auction.
“We want to ensure consistency in the practice of bidding, controlled cost reduction, and leveling their bids on a line item basis, promoting an efficient way to awardbids to the most qualified contractors. We are always looking to push the bar on standardization and market adoption across multiple markets to be able to ensure that TotalBid remains the industry best practice,” denotes Burns. The ease of use and multiple operations of the product add to the standardization,” he adds.

The Bid Automation product is another feature that is made by combining workflow automation with bid team communications, document distribution, activity tracking, bid submittal, and analysis. This helps to standardize and streamline the process, endure risk reduction, and eliminate redundancies and errors common in conventional bidding process.

We continue to ensure consistency in the practice of bidding, bid leveling and bid award which is of the upmost importance

CPBID always ensures that their TotalBid system provides the right functionality for their clients and sometimes, the company articulates coding to safeguard all the properties of the solution. “The flexibility that we offer our clients is incomparable to anything out there as we give different options to meet their different needs,” conveys Burns.

Moving forward, CPBID aims to provide greater consistency in the practice of bidding. “Over the years we continue to grow; we listen to our clients and we collaborate with them on how we can make their process easier. This understanding continues to lead to better designs.” “Our new SpeedLevel functionality changes everything, leveling multiple bids at the same time in a matter of minutes, eliminating subjectivity and expedite bid award–Only at TotalBid,” Burns signs off.

CPBID Technologies, LLC

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Wesley E Burns, Founder & CEO

TotalBid is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology providing an end-to-end construction bidding and document management solution