CradlePoint: Powering The Connected Retail Experience

CIO VendorGeorge Mulhern, CEO
As retailers look for innovative ways to stay in front of customers, they are placing greater importance on mobility and migrating many applications to the cloud. With the applications creating heavier strain on existing network infrastructures, even a temporary outage and suspension of pointof-sale service at a retail location could represent significant losses in revenue and customer retention due to frustration and abandonment. CradlePoint’s cloud-managed networking solutions increase availability, bandwidth and intelligence to enable new architectures to improve efficiencies, drive customer engagement, and increase ROI.

“CradlePoint solutions are tailor-made to empower enterprises with the agility to complete business and make intelligent decisions”

4G LTE has changed the way distributed enterprises can deliver connectivity to connect a diverse array of operational and transaction applications like digital signage, interactive kiosks, surveillance, guest WiFi, pop-up stores, and mobile point-of-sale. CradlePoint solutions balance the strengths of both wired and wireless networks throughWAN-Diversity, the convergence of 4G LTE, Ethernet (DSL, Cable, T1), WiFi, and WiFi as WAN, all delivered through a single networking device. Through WAN Diversity, retailers can achieve 99.99 percent+ network uptime for their customer facing and mission critical applications.

“Consumers have come to expect a ‘connected retail experience’ and retail IT managers are working hard to provide it,” says George Mulhern, CEO and Chairman of the Board at CradlePoint. “CradlePoint’s cloud managed networking solutions are answering the growing demand to lower costs and maximize revenue while empowering this connected customer experience.”
This ability to dynamically manage distributed devices through the cloud has been a significant driver in the adoption of CradlePoint’s complete networking solution for retail enterprises. CradlePoint’s Enterprise Cloud Manager is a network management platform capable of rapidly deploying, installing, and managing devices from a central location. In addition to improving and configuring network security, PCI compliance, data usage, and firmware upgrades, Enterprise Cloud Manager’s open API and extensible architecture allows businesses to customize the platform based on their specific needs.

One customer, United Oil, has taken advantage of the agility offered by CradlePoint networking solutions to achieve new levels of efficiency at hundreds of their Southern California gas stations. On top of consolidating wired Internet connections with 4G LTE, United Oil has realized virtually uninterrupted connectivity, connected each store securely back to the central office, and remotely managed each location using Enterprise Cloud Manager.

“We’ve identified a way to not only optimize the technology in almost all of our stores but also to add more money to our bottom line in the process,” says Bill De La Espriella, United Oil’s Director of Technology. “We have the reliable bandwidth we need to run our various applications, our telephony system, and even new product and service offerings for our customers. And, we can manage it all centrally using CradlePoint’s cloud management to reduce the high costs of wired bandwidth while eliminating outages that would affect our stores’ business.”

In today’s retail environment, the network is everything. It connects brands with customers and ensures operations run smoothly. With CradlePoint, retailers get a highly available network that provides the lowest total cost of ownership using open and secure management that scales with the needs of the enterprise. CradlePoint is the trusted leader in enterprise grade networking solutions for the distributed enterprise.


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George Mulhern, CEO

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