Cravety: Transforming the Frontline Employee Experience

Ed Bodensiek, Co-Founder and CEO
The relationship between employees and employers has been drastically disrupted, with more than 47 million Americans voluntarily leaving their jobs as a part of the Great Resignation in 2021. But digging deeper into the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data over the past decade reveals a more worrisome trend—the Great Resignation is not brief turbulence instigated by the pandemic but the continuation of a long-term trend. The average monthly quit rate increased year-on-year by 0.10 percent between 2009 and 2019. Spurred on by the pandemic, this exodus is a major challenge employers will face for years to come.

That brings us to the question: How can organizations find and retain the best employees, especially in the customer-facing sectors, where the attrition rates are profound?

Cravety answers this with its innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform—ActionLogics. By leveraging leading-edge technologies like big data analytics, machine learning, and gamification, together with behavioral science, ActionLogics creates an unparalleled candidate and employee experience at every touchpoint. By offering a customer-like, personalized experience for front-line or hourly employees, ActionLogics considerably aids organizations in mitigating ghosting and reducing costly turnover .

Leaning on its reseller partnership with Dell Technologies and Insight, Cravety has launched ActionLogics into the market. ActionLogics offers a unique and powerful mobile solution for enterprises to get the right talent in the door and guide them on a compelling personalized journey.

Designed for Humans, Powered by Technology

ActionLogics’s human-centered design leverages behavioral science and organizational psychology to comprehend the factors that inspire employees to engage with organizations and create best-in-class candidate and employee journeys. The platform further personalizes the experience by utilizing big data analytics and machine learning algorithms. ActionLogics also applies gamification techniques to offer contextualized scenarios for each employee. When employees perform a particular task or interact in a certain way, a specific journey will unlock for them. When an employee has made many new employee referrals, for instance, ActionLogics makes them an ambassador and prompts HR professionals to invest more in that employee.

ActionLogics acts as an intelligent overlay across an organization’s human resource information systems (HRIS) and applicant tracking systems (ATS). The platform enables integrations via API with all leading HRIS/ ATS platforms, including Workday, Kronos, SAP SuccessFactors, and Oracle HCM. ActionLogics can also be integrated with a diverse range of enterprise platforms, like ERP and procurement systems, to facilitate a frictionless experience.

ActionLogics empowers the HR department to start employee engagement when a candidate applies for a job. It has a robust state engine that dynamically places every candidate or worker in distinct states beginning with the submission of a candidate’s application. Based on their states, ActionLogics does exactly what its name suggests; it nudges users (candidates and employees) along the way, prompting them to take the next best action throughout their journey.

"Marrying ActionLogics’ intelligence with Workspace ONE’s security creates a solution that offers meaningful and empathetic EX with utmost safety."

“With ActionLogics, we are offering enterprises not just a platform that provides seamless EX but also a way to double down on their massive investments in HR and other systems, by using the right channels to deliver the right content, to the right workers, at the right time,” states Ed Bodensiek, Co-Founder and CEO of Cravety.

Partnering for Industry-Best Security

What makes Cravety’s ActionLogics more appealing is its partnership with VMware, one of the world’s leading cloud computing and virtualization companies. ActionLogics’s user interface is powered by VMware Workspace ONE, an intelligence-driven, digital workspace platform that offers zero-trust security. Workspace ONE combines access control, application management, and multi-platform endpoint management to ensure that candidates and employees can securely access organizational information from their personal (or company-issued) devices.

Workspace ONE empowers ActionLogics with intuitive capabilities that are beneficial in today’s increasingly remote/hybrid and bring-your-own-device work culture. Geofencing capabilities allow enterprises to restrict access to the ActionLogics mobile app based on user location.
Similarly, Workspace ONE enables ActionLogics to offer digital badges for employees. Access to certain buildings is denied if they have not taken specific training. Marrying ActionLogics’ intelligence with Workspace ONE’s security creates a solution that offers meaningful and personalized EX with utmost safety.

Speaking on VMware’s partnership with Cravety, Josh Olson, Global Head of Experience Solutions and GSI Sales, VMware, says, “We’re thrilled Cravety was honored as the new company of the year, and are proud to partner with them on a unique solution for a truly digital employee experience. IT knows how VMware Workspace ONE solves for device and app management. Now, HR practitioners can leverage the security and privacy features of Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub with Cravety’s platform to solve for high turnover and other employee experiences too.”

Today, the boundary between the IT and HR departments continues to blur as HR increasingly becomes tech-enabled and IT gears more toward making people productive. According to JG Staal, Co-founder of and Chief Product Officer at Cravety, ActionLogics is well poised to address both IT and business needs. It can be effortlessly plugged into an existing IT infrastructure and is designed so that the HR department can be its primary manager with a light lift from IT.

Cravety also partners with Okta, a leading identity solution provider, to verify and manage employee identities. Riding on the coattails of such enablement and capabilities, ActionLogics has already started making waves. A global leader in express transportation, FedEx Express, is onboarding ActionLogics to enhance their front-line candidate and employee experience.

Elaborating further on its partnership with Cravety, Don Stenger, Manager – Strategic Talent Acquisition and Reporting, FedEx Express, says: “FedEx Express’s commitment to being the employer of choice in the transportation market means both candidates and employees should have a great digital experience. Cravety and its partners have developed an innovative state engine powered by behavioral science that will help us to interact with our target audience through meaningful touchpoints. As we connect these ‘moments that matter’ for the end user, the overall experience from application through retirement is elevated. We congratulate them on the honor from CIOReview magazine.”

At the Cutting Edge of HR Innovation

Cravety is working to constantly improve ActionLogics and extend its spectrum of HR offerings. In development is an intelligent chatbot with more than 40 languages, which will be integrated into ActionLogics’s second release.

With ActionLogics, we are offering enterprises not just a platform that provides seamless EX but also a way to double down on their massive investments in HR and other systems.

Also on the horizon is a feature to best optimize recruiting funnels and significantly y reduce recruitment costs. During recruitment, ActionLogics uses millions of data points to create a database of potential candidates. Since these candidates already have the ActionLogics app, companies can easily reach back out to them during future recruitment, resulting in substantial savings.

Meanwhile, Cravety aims to expand to a range of industries, as well as the knowledge workers’ domain. In today’s digitally-driven world, Cravety and its ActionLogics platform are setting a significant foundation for enterprises to show that they are digital-first and employee-centric. That can enable them to create more meaningful and lasting relationships with candidates and employees, while helping organizations boost productivity, performance and profitability.


Columbia, MD

Ed Bodensiek, Co-Founder and CEO

ActionLogics, Cravety’s SaaS platform, createsa customer-like personalized experiences for front-line/hourly employees at every touchpoint of an employee journey.