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Aaron Continelli, Founder & President The aerospace and defense (A&D) industry is a diverse and competitive sector where ‘quality’ often defines the line between success and failure. The ecosystem demands A&D manufacturers to navigate through lengthy sales cycles, strict product compliance guidelines, and continuous technological advances. In many cases, companies employ a manufacturing tracking system or accounting system without thinking about efficiency or speed of manufacturing. However, with the departments and ministries of defense shifting their attention to technology firms that can deliver products faster and with greater agility than legacy A&D companies, the industry is under the gun to ensure manufacturing efficiency with a higher degree of regulatory and compliance control. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Cre8tive Technology and Design (CTND) has been helping companies meet the A&D manufacturing challenges with Epicor ERP software solutions that provide scalability and flexibility to thrust the business forward.

Aaron Continelli, who possesses more than two decades of experience in the manufacturing sector working with ERP systems, is the driving force behind the journey of Cre8tive as a provider of high-quality service. Cre8tive’s investment in fulfilling A&D manufacturing needs using Epicor platform involves bringing compliance and regulatory manufacturing operation and efficiency around complex engineer-to-order (ETO) manufacturing processes.

Novelty Replaces Legacy

Cre8tive’s fundamental goal is to increase clients’ bottom line through operational adjustments and improvements by utilizing the best enterprise systems in the market. Since the A&D industry is always on the lookout for new and improved business processes and tools which help keep the business functional and efficient, Cre8tive has built all of its solutions on top of the Epicor ERP platform using their standard tools, which means that Cre8tive’s solution continues to expand with Epicor.

“With Cre8tive’s A&D ERP manufacturing software, companies get an automated update of the compliance process for comprehensive quality management, coupled with our support to manage workflow and maximize productivity and collaboration,” states Continelli, founder and president of Cre8tive Technology and Design. The intuitive software adapts to any business structure, making a seamless integration into all facets of the company and delivers high performance and scalability by focusing on simplicity in deployment and the user experience.
Since Cre8tive’s focus is on industries like A&D, ETO, and metal fabrication, the company has uniquely tailored its technology solutions and platforms to address the needs of small, mid, and enterprise-sized customers that have simple to complex manufacturing processes.

The Complete Array of Solutions

Cre8tive’s tailored A&D solution meets every strict operational and industry compliance requirements with its contract management, extended supply chain management to quality compliance. The solution enables companies to realize regulatory compliance by following contract text to supporting sales orders, work orders, purchase orders, and any preliminary references to these items, such as purchase order suggestions. It further helps to maintain and manage compliance with DPAS, DCMA, and FAI requirements. The solution assists in complying with industry best-practices like requirements flow-down that helps maintain clarity and structure while high-level system requirements are decomposed into functional, physical and component design. For A&D companies to maintain high-quality standards, Cre8tive’s solution offers quality compliance that includes approved supplier list report, quality clauses management, and supplier survey management. The company’s export compliance embraces export of controlled finished goods and sub-assemblies as per International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), denied party screening compliance, and export license identification. Further, Cre8tive offers an ITAR solution that can be availed in a multi-tenant cloud environment, a dedicated cloud, or an on-premise environment.

We make every effort to review our customer’s adoption of new technology, many times throughout the year

Cre8tive helps organizations to improve their revenue, gain competitive advantage, and increase customer satisfaction by giving them the ability to capture, and manage data and ultimately make informed business decisions. Cre8tive’s clients can leverage the BI platform in Epicor allowing for self-service business analytics and data discovery, making it easier for companies to analyze data for continuous demand and supply chain planning. To enable companies to establish a culture of high performance, the enterprise performance management (EPM) software from Epicor provides predictive analytics and actionable insights. Leveraging business intelligence and corporate performance management data, Epicor ERP custom reporting software provides companies with specific information to address some of their most critical needs. The Epicor platform utilizes internal reports and dashboards to offer real-time visibility that allows A&D companies to track and manage defense projects and contracts, making real time adjustments to drive efficiency and cost savings.
A True Business Partner

Cre8tive largely focuses on offering ongoing support to ensure customer’s success with technology that they own or have purchased. The company has a national business consulting practice and an account management team dedicated to this goal. “We make every effort to review our customer’s adoption of new technology, many times throughout the year and make recommendations on services or programs that will increase their operational efficiency,” states Continelli. This is followed up by specific user groups dedicated to A&D customers. Being a true business partner, Cre8tive also has a customer success executive sponsorship in which each one of the company’s executives is required to sponsor a customer project. This requires the executive to work with the customer and find out how Cre8tive can improve their solutions and services in regards to the customer’s business. “We try to learn how our customers carry out their business in order to enhance our solutions and offerings and meet their current requirements and help them in their future endeavors.”

“Our team is constantly involved in industry specific events that help fuel future capabilities of our customers”

In an implementation highlight, Brazonics, a company that specializes in the manufacturing of aluminum-brazed assemblies for defense, aerospace, and commercial industrial markets, backed by B/E Aerospace Group of companies has been all praises for Cre8tive’s services. The client has a multi-company, multi-site Epicor ERP system that is hosted by Cre8tive with connectivity that exceeds most on-site solutions that it has worked with. Cre8tive has enabled the client to remotely connect through their internal firewall as well as Cre8tive’s firewall with the speed they require to be productive day to day. The client is now able to get the data whenever they need it, whether it’s within the company walls or remotely on the road.

Continelli expresses that customer satisfaction has always been the top priority for Cre8tive and therefore, even though the team is dedicated to function, the company often leverages its consulting and development resources to help counter customer or prospect challenges. “Our team is constantly involved in industry specific events that help fuel future capabilities of our customers. We also collaborate with Epicor resources to understand short and long term development of the Epicor platform.” The future will soon witness Cre8tive offering a host of real-time analytic solutions from Epicor. The company is also planning to release maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) solutions. “A venture that began as a one person consulting firm has now become an elite service partner. We plan to continue being recognized as an excellent business partner by delivering next-generation solutions and helping customers leverage the value of these solutions to boost their performance,” concludes Continelli.

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Aaron Continelli, Founder & President

Increase bottom line through operational adjustments and improvements by utilizing the best business systems technology in the market

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