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Vernon Vasu, Co-Founder
The past decade has seen an explosion of ad tech providers looking to help businesses with their Google ad campaigns, but there is an industry-wide shift towards the more human side of advertising and marketing. Rather than purely relying on AI tools and automation to engage potential customers, businesses are seeing the value of impactful ad creative. Though the idea is to build ad creative that delivers the best performance from campaigns on Google Ads, the resources for optimizing the campaigns are limited. Bidding, placement, and targeting are increasingly revised by machine learning and AI via ad products such as responsive display and Google app campaigns. That leaves “creativity” as the most effective way for advertisers to gain an edge in their Google ads, which is why more and more of them are turning to Creadits for an end-to-end creative ad solution. From the US to China, Creadits has a global team of talents to ideate and brings fresh concepts to life. Vernon Vasu, co-founder of the company says, “The biggest issue for creativity is that it is subjective. We have a global perspective; it has provided us with a global barometer of what constitutes relevant content and good taste.”

As a Google Premier Partner, Google app campaign partner and YouTube partner, Creadits works closely with the team at Google to understand how each ad product is changing and the best ways to get the most from them. These insights are used to continually improve the creative solutions they provide to their clients, to reap optimal performance with minimal effort. Another major issue affecting productivity in the creative industry is the inefficient matching of project opportunities with the talent they require. Geographical distance used to be a barrier to visibility, but Creadits’ solution has since bridged this gap. The company has on-boarded creative talents with diverse skill sets from every corner of the globe.

Exemplifying their excellence, Vasu shares a success story where the digital music subscription service, Spotify wanted to increase the number of app downloads among music lovers aged 18-45 in Taiwan, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The goal was to reach new listeners in a region with multiple languages and diverse cultural and musical tastes while increasing the brand’s Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

The biggest issue for creativity is that it is subjective. We have a global perspective; it has provided us with a global barometer of what constitutes relevant content and good taste

To design a campaign that would address the differences in local languages, cultures, and musical tastes across its APAC markets, Spotify turned to Creadits. The company’s unique strength is access to creative talents from all over the world to execute strong localized designs within short turnaround times. In just 72 hours, the team created 300+ ad variations inspired by global trends and regional pop culture references, while adhering to Spotify’s brand guidelines.

This is one of many instances where Creadits hard work and ingenuity to find the right fit solution for their client has helped them gain a strong foothold in the market. Additionally, going the extra mile, they analyze the results from each round of ad creative and use the insights to improve upon the next. This constant feedback loop ensures all advertising and marketing is continually optimized for better results over time. Furthermore, Creadits offers its solution to their clients on a monthly subscription model based on a common currency that allows them to cater to all types of creative services.

Vasu emphasizes how the production of an ad from start to end requires an entire spectrum of creative services, from copywriting, filming, editing to animation. Yet, one-stop solutions are few and far between, and marketers often need to source for multiple vendors to meet their various needs. Thus, he concludes stating, “While our focus is currently on video, 3D and HTML5 creatives, we have plans to expand our suite of services even further with more diverse and unique skilled specialists joining us in the coming years.”



Vernon Vasu, Co-Founder

It is Creadits, which is a single global marketplace for advertising talent, using a unified currency. It is used internationally to acquire anything that is required to begin advertising, such as graphic design, video shoots, writing, campaign management, training, and even data. The platform provides a global view of talents and opportunities that help in getting involved in projects. Creadits unlocks and unifies advertising, across any platform, and around any geography. Beyond facilitating transactions, the Creadits platform makes creative and strategic recommendations that improve and predict campaign outcomes