Creative Computing Inc.: Charting Your Roadmap on the Business Analytics Maturity Curve

David Doucette, President & CEO
Bill Inmon and Ralph Kimball are two standard approaches in the data modeling world—both have their merits and situational advantages, and we develop the short-term and long-term client roadmap to guide our clients along the maturity curve to where they need and want to be,” explains David Doucette, President and CEO, Creative Computing Inc. (CCI). Dave’s entrepreneurial DNA is the founding block of Creative Computing, which has a unique ability to bring technology to every level of an organization, right from the data scientist to the Line of Business user, in a form and context that provides maximum value.

The company’s technology footprint spans Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Advanced Analytics systems. CCI’s understanding is deep rooted on every client being different and each having a different level of Business Intelligence or data warehouse maturity within their organization. By engaging with their clients as thought leaders, mentors, implementers, and strategic partners, CCI’s senior consultants distill the client’s data, to derive actionable business insights on a systemic level.

Creative Computing uses the “Business Analytics (BA) Maturity Curve” to illustrate to clients by way of a visual representation the waypoints from raw data to actionable information. Customers can quickly recognize their current position on the maturity curve and can better engage the services and expertise of Creative Computing to help plan the shortest route on the road to their BA objectives.

The one thing known about data is that it will continue to grow. Organizations are finding that the amount of time and energy needed to extend and maintain their data warehouse applications is becoming cost prohibitive.
By partnering with technology leaders like IBM, CCI offers customers best of breed solutions based on proven technologies, backed by the most well established firm in the industry. Big Data Appliance, like IBM’s PureData™ for analytics, offers simplicity of deployment and low cost of ownership coupled with proven scalability, progressive set of analytics capabilities and high–performance analytic queries. CCI is one of only a handful of IBM partners that cover the entire Performance Management spectrum to deliver end to end solutions.

CCI focuses on four primary business areas such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and higher education; however the nature of CCI’s solutions make them a logical choice for virtually any industry with a need for immediate access to actionable information. For instance, a major health plan company was in need of a flexible reporting environment to better understand patient care patterns while helping to reduce cost of care. One major expense was the ongoing use of Emergency Rooms for non-emergency situations. By analyzing vast datasets of the patient populations’ use of area Emergency Rooms they were able to identify ideal locations for

Community Health Centers which are much less expensive to staff and maintain, and yet have all the necessary facilities to address the majority of healthcare needs. CCI created the necessary multidimensional reporting structures and Predictive Analytics to track and monitor these groups and then quickly report and recommend alternatives for improved service at lower cost.

With over 23 years in leading CCI, Doucette says “We are now in midst of the era of Business Analytics 2.0 and leveraging the power of Big Data. We see the emergence of Analytics 3.0 taking much more advantage of the “Internet of Things” and data in motion to enable us to provide our customers the fastest, actionable information available.”

Creative Computing

Providence, RI

David Doucette, President & CEO

Designs develops and deploys custom Data Warehouse and Performance Management systems.