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Rakesh Gupta, CEO
Every organization is increasingly vying to innovate and adopt technology that will drive more mission given ever tightening budgets. It’s not unusual for a CIO to preside over legacy systems 10 or 15 years passed their primes and then operate, maintain and secure those systems in antiquated landscapes on less and less funding. This is one of the challenges CIO’s face today.

CIO’s face additional challenges. Finding the right technology and the right partner to modernize, top the list. The transformation from legacy systems to world class solutions is not easy according to Rakesh Gupta, Founder and CEO of Creative Ideas Simple Solutions, Inc. (CISS). “More often than not they are interfacing with a myriad of other systems also in various states of decline. They all have to interoperate without missing a beat while the transformation unfolds,” claims Gupta. These can all conspire to spoil a CIOs’ efforts towards modernization.

Often, technologies don’t play well together, and some play better than others. Knowing which applies to a given situation requires a partner who is expert at many technologies and has a great deal of experience with each. With over a decade of expertise in providing IT solutions and leveraging Microsoft products as a Solutions Collaboration and Content Partner, CISS has that expertise and experience.

CISS is a company obsessed with technology and process. Every employee is certified multiple times over. What’s more is they don’t stop there. CISS is fully committed to the processes, systems, and certifications that ensure client success time and again. As a result, CISS is one of only a few 8(a) companies appraised CMMI Level 3 in both Development and in Services. The company’s Level 3 appraisals are indicators clients receive the highest-impact solutions available. And, because the appraisals include a Services rating, it is equally apparent clients experience an expertly run program staffed by certified PMP’s and Agile SCRUM Masters.

As a Microsoft Partner, CISS uses the SharePoint platform for their enterprise collaboration and workflow automation solutions.
“Since 2007, our partnership with Microsoft has helped us build many enterprise applications that are agile, scalable and secure,” says Gupta. SharePoint based solutions mean clients have built-in features that supplant bolt-on technology according to Rakesh. He points out clients don’t need separate security. It comes with best-in-class security features making it a money saver.

One Federal Agency had a considerably large legacy system which interacted with other systems, users and partners forming an enormous business community. The agency attempted an IT transformation twice - each time with unexceptional results. CISS was brought in. Rakesh explained how CISS added process maturity to the SharePoint centric solution they proposed. As a result, the program prevailed and the success garnered accolades from the CIO, Deputy CIO, and Director of the Program Office.

“It isn’t just the technology, but the way it’s comingled and orchestrated,” continues Rakesh. CISS avoids unnecessary complexity and over-complication by employing creative, and simple solutions. “Creative Ideas Simple Solutions, it’s in the name, and it saves client’s money.”

Our ultimate goal is to use our advanced understanding and mature processes to help CIO’s navigate technology in a way that is easy on their investment portfolios

CISS’ knack for developing through fluctuating requirements and architecting creative solutions that make a visible difference earned them subsequent contracts from the agency. “Our technology prowess combined with our process maturity is what sets us apart. Our ultimate goal is to use our advanced understanding and mature processes to help CIO’s navigate technology in a way that is easy on their investment portfolios,” concluded Gupta.

Creative Ideas Simple Solutions

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Rakesh Gupta, CEO

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