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Bob Fox, CEO
Printing is that aspect of any enterprise that has always been relegated to the farthest corners. However, it is ironical how the optimal usage of print by enterprises can significantly net in substantial savings—the prime requisite for any organization.

An Atlanta-based law firm faced a similar dilemma and was weighed down with the arduous task of handling the overall printing costs. Lack of a definite method or a specific vendor resulted in materials being ordered from different locations and by varied methods. Moreover, a lot of time was lost in trying to manage the software, consumables, and the endless repairs only added to their woes. Consequently, this led to varying costs on a monthly basis and made up for an unrealistic budget.

It was against this backdrop that Creative Office Solutions (COS) rolled out their proprietary software to monitor all print, copy, and scan devices. ‘Let’s print your story. Crisp and clean’ was their core principle. The switch to COS presented a two-fold advantage; creation of a manageable and trackable cost structure and the firm gaining a 26 percent increase in their overall savings.

As a first step, the COS team analyzed the usage reports of the various devices to identify the key pain points. Based on the reports, a three-phase program broadly classified as monitor and evaluate, replace and refresh, and manage and plan was set up.

Every device was monitored and evaluated for the most beneficial decisions that included immediate replacement of high maintenance units and refreshing devices based on their age and software needs. This helped in managing the fleet and consumable costs that resulted in planning consistent refreshes with the OEMs.

COS offers a complete package of solutions tailored to every requirement. “Our services are designed to increase productivity, efficiency, convenience, and overall provide a business with reliable equipment while cutting costs,” says Bob Fox, CEO.

According to Fox, one of the biggest challenges that companies face today is tracking the equipment used and meeting customer expectations. The company’s advanced tracking technology made this difficult proposition achievable by tracking the equipment by each page. Furthermore, this technology can give businesses the statistics they need to monitor their workflow and ensure a good return on investment.

Our services are designed to increase productivity, efficiency, convenience, and overall provide a business with reliable equipment and services while cutting costs

In order for a company to be more productive and efficient, determining the right equipment as well as optimizing the workflow is crucial, and digitizing documents is a right step forward. COS is an authorized dealer of Sharp copiers, known for easy digitization of new and existing documents. Sharp copiers have built-in features that allow uploading documents directly to the cloud, email, or network folders. COS is also partnered with HP and manufactures amazing toner cartridges for these printers. COS’s toner cartridges help you print crisp and clean documents at a fraction of the cost.

The company also counters the increasing security breaches through its collaboration with Sharp. Basic Sharp copiers are pre-equipped with security software but if you are looking for advanced security features, Creative Office has a solution for that as well. They are advocates for software like Drivve, PaperCut, and Kayleigh which can be installed onto nearly every Sharp printer and provide users with optimum security.

Downtime is not a very pleasant situation for any organization. COS’s auto supply program ensures there’s no downtime due to supplies being out of stock. In case of any technical snag, local certified service technicians ensure minimal equipment downtime.

With a strong customer focus and a diversified presence all over the North American landscape, the organization plans on strengthening its expertise by hiring the best product specialists, service technicians, customer representatives, and marketing personnel. “We are aiming to be the number 1 provider of print/copy solutions in metro Atlanta while instilling a sense of pride in our existing customers through an exceptional experience. A ‘WOW’ experience is what we aim for,” concludes the CEO.

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Bob Fox, CEO

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