CredenceIA Consulting LLC: Multi-Pronged IAM Solutions Delivery

Kunal Mehta, CEO
Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an alarming area of concern for enterprises. The complexities lie around the poor understanding of IAM drivers are an unclear view of the enterprise problems related to them, and a lack of visibility of the big picture. What seems to be the most alarming drawback is the lack of knowledge on who has access to what and how someone is utilizing that access. As today’s enterprises have numerous applications, there is an increasing threat to a company’s overall security and operations. Today, organizations are in dire need of a broader view on how to unlock the true potential of technology investments and a partner who can help them achieve it. CredenceIA Consulting LLC helps its clients resolve issues around missed stakeholders’ goals, cost overruns, benefits realization, and also, the lack of end-user satisfaction. The company specializes in IT strategy, IAM, Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), privilege access management initiatives, and its integration into a strategic roadmap to enhance their clients’ security posture and achieve maturity. “What we bring to the table is the experience, quality, ability to see through identity clutter and the ability to have actionable KRI (Key Risk Indicator)/KPI (Key Performance Indicator), to make timely and proactive business decisions,” states Kunal Mehta, the CEO of CredenceIA.

With enterprises transferring vast amounts of data to the cloud, their security concerns are increasing exponentially along with complexities with user access. Today’s organizations need a partner who can navigate through vanishing lines of user access as it stretches among applications, big data, BYOD needs while keeping in mind factors of cost, time, and efficiency. It is also essential to have a governance body to ensure all key stakeholders have clear visibility of the viewpoints, the priorities of the implementation process, to ensure that all of them are on the same page. CredenceIA Consulting helps meet all these requirements and helps enterprises identify and resolve the missing pieces. The firm showcases IAM as being an on-going venture that continuously helps organizations to address compliance issues and ensure operational excellence through automation and process efficiencies.

We live by the motto: to drive quality over quantity and to source right talent, training and mentoring programs to reach the highest standards in client services

The unique vetting process, deep domain expertise, and past consulting & implementation experience allow the company in putting together smart strategies and successful execution of engagements within time, budget and with clear benefit realization. CredenceIA Consulting’s IAM workshops follow a four-step process to assess the challenges faced by their clients, followed by formulating strategies that are focused on the companies’ position in the maturity curve and their goals. Such an analysis helps to create target operating models and advisory services to allow program management and solutions to reach their strategic goals. All this is performed in a very cost-effective and economical manner.

An instance of CredenceIA Consulting’s success is when one of its clients achieved a 40 percent increase in operational efficiency and successfully implemented IAM program to make them self-sufficient and productive.

With the right leadership, focus, and objective, CredenceIA Consulting is moving ahead to establish grounds in managed services and innovative offerings in the Identity Governance and Privilege Access forte. The firm has also developed custom training programs to train military veterans to get jobs in information security, as a social initiative. “We live by the motto: to drive quality over quantity and to source right talent, training and mentoring programs to reach the highest standards in client services,” concludes Mehta.

CredenceIA Consulting LLC

Vernon Hills, IL

Kunal Mehta, CEO

CredenceIA Consulting LLC is one of the leading service providers of Identity and Access Management to various enterprises. The company provides strategies, plans and assessments to formulate the appropriate IAM and IAG programs to help make organizations self-sufficient and productive. The CredenceIA Consulting LLC incorporates within its services portfolio the ability to have actionable KRI/KPI to help its clients make smart and improved business decisions. The modernized outlook to their offerings makes the company to maximize the time and cost investments and improve the performance of its clients. CredenceIA Consulting LLC focuses on providing best in class services by aligning the right talent with the right solutions, with a customer-centric approach