Creditron: Smart Solutions for Payment Processing and Receivables Automation

Wally Vogel, President and CEO
There has been a rapid change in the payments landscape as traditional “check in the mail” payments gave way to a wide range of payment alternatives like, mobile capture, online credit card, and in-person payments. Yet with addition to all of these channels and regardless of the source and type of payment, the need of the industry remains same: to maximize “straight through processing”. Creditron’s mission runs parallel to solving this need. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada and Rockville, Maryland, the company develops and markets innovative and effective solutions to payment processing challenges, which help customers, meet their performance objectives. Creditron’s Enterprise Cloud Processing solution is an Integrated Receivables workflow engine that allows an organization to capture anywhere, key anywhere, and deposit anywhere through a secure browser-based connection.

Creditron’s Enterprise Cloud processing is transaction-based, which routes each individual transaction through the most efficient path, replacing complex workflows for validation, balancing, posting and depositing. In addition, this structure allows each transaction touch to be “fingerprinted,” enabling a level of audit reporting which was never been possible previously.

At the heart of Enterprise Cloud Processing is the real-time dashboard. This unique feature provides unparalleled visibility to the amount of work in a given stage, including the aging, the priority, and the assigned resources (operators). Work can be dynamically re-prioritized, and operators can be instantly re-assigned to respond to critical workload demands. The work stages displayed in the dashboard are based on configurable work queues providing complete flexibility and easy tailoring to a specific organization’s changing needs. “Easy and instantaneous access to business intelligence and analytics is a key trend in workflow management. Our tablet friendly interface provides the much needed access to a comprehensive transactional database for flexible reporting,” says Wally Vogel, President and CEO.

Creditron has put 5 years of dedicated development into the Enterprise Cloud Processing platform. “We took our most senior software architects, each with over 10 years of experience in payment and transaction processing solutions and assigned them to a team tasked with developing the next generation of transaction processing workflow software,” delineates Vogel.
In forming the foundation of the platform, Creditron incorporated state-of-the-art technology and architecture to ensure maximized security, compliance, and accessibility. The company then worked in conjunction with a pilot site over two years to expand and fine-tune the workflow engine to ensure they built the very best solution for a real world application.

The company has implemented their solutions with multiple clients in the government, bank, and not-for-profit verticals. One of them is a Fortune 500 company, ranked as one of the 10 largest insurers in America, which offers a diverse range of financial services and solutions. By moving from a paper-based workflow to an electronic and image-based workflow, this client reduced document “touches,” streamlined processing, and accelerated deposit and posting times with the Enterprise Cloud Processing solution.

Easy and instantaneous access to business intelligence and analytics is a key trend in workflow management

“Creditron serves a competitive marketplace, and we stay ahead of our competition by innovation in solution development, followed by discipline in implementation, and finally passionate ongoing customer service,” says Vogel. Creditron’s next big step will be to move from Integrated Receivables to Integrated Commerce – handling not just receivables of all kinds, but also payables, orders, applications, approvals and so on. They have already accelerated the flow of receivables and cash - this next step will allow the same type of real-time visibility and workflow management to accelerate the flow of business. “We designed the Enterprise Cloud Processing foundation with this future vision in mind. The innovations that we are offering now reflect not only changes in business and technology, but also the changing demographics of the decision-makers we serve,” concludes Vogel.


Rockville, MD

Wally Vogel, President and CEO

Provides payment processing and receivables automation solutions to financial institutions, businesses, government entities and non-profit organizations.