Crestwood Associates: Leveraging Dynamics to Improve Business Performance

Brian McGuckin Partner & Co-Founder, Tim Thompson, Partner & Co-Founder
What is the challenge that many Microsoft customers face these days? According to Brian McGuckin, Partner and Co-Founder, Crestwood Associates; it is understanding how to turn an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) investment into a strategic asset that can support the growth of the business, today, and for the next 10 years. Then again, that is just one half of the equation, where the other half is the expertise of a software partner, and this is where Crestwood comes in. “Just about anyone can install a piece of software. But there is a lot of work up front that goes in to defining your best business processes, and mapping the software to fit these needs before it is deployed,” says McGuckin.

Started as Great Plains software partner in 1998, Crestwood has evolved over the years, broadening its scope of services to include, manufacturing, food and beverage, and logistics expertise. Through this journey, it has gained the ability to envision and deliver solutions for unique customer problems through easyto- deploy packages. Today, the company is a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner that has the expertise to solve complex integration challenges and handle a variety of client development needs. Crestwood’s know-how brings a longterm perspective, helping its clients make decisions that will scale with their growth for years to come.

“Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step is at the heart of our Crestwood project management toolset,” says McGuckin. Be it a small professional services firm, a mid-sized logistics provider, or a large distributor, Crestwood has tailored the methodology to fit all of their needs. “Crestwood has lived and breathed Dynamics for 16 years, and when you reach Crestwood, you are talking to an experienced professional from day one,” states McGuckin. Through that extensive experience, the firm takes a business advisory type role that is very collaborative and customer-centric. The amount of time and energy they invest in training and development to keep up with the changing technologies, while ensuring transparency in their processes, give Crestwood an edge over the competition.

Crestwood currently sells, deploys and supports Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Acumatica.
The company also offers in-house development services, complex integration services, business process review and analysis, and training. Apart from all that, it also brings custom-developed products that extend the functionality of Dynamics GP. These include, CA Data Locator, Field Value Security, Country Code Lookup, Pick Ticket Mods and Exchange Agent.

Over 500 clients across a wide geographic, industry, size, and level of complexity, make use of Crestwood’s expertise and solutions. Recently, an engineering firm with severe reporting issues, lack of real-time information, and manual entry problems over Excel spreadsheets, sought Crestwood’s assistance. McGuckin and his team conducted a detailed discovery and process review, and along with implementing the core financial and distribution modules, they built a bundle of SmartList Builder reports. This saved the client valuable time and eliminated the opportunity for error with manual data entry. At the end of the day, Crestwood successfully deployed Dynamics GP and handed over its control to the customer’s team.

Crestwood has lived and breathed Dynamics for 16 years, and when you reach Crestwood, you are talking to an experienced professional from day one

Continued organic growth and acquisitions for geographic coverage is what McGuckin has in store for Crestwood. The company has expanded beyond Chicago and Madison with clients in 21 states; and last year, they added a South Bend, Indiana office as well. Crestwood currently has about 50 employees and McGuckin expects that number to double over the coming years.

Crestwood Associates

Mount Prospect, IL

Brian McGuckin Partner & Co-Founder, Tim Thompson, Partner & Co-Founder

Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner that provides comprehensive enterprise business solutions