Communication Resources, Inc. (CRI): Innovating and Delivering Real Time Unified Communication Solutions

Robert Gill, CEO
Organizations today must manifest resilient implementation of UC projects, save on redundant administration cost, and optimize the overall utilization among their employees. The obstacle for most, however, is the shortage of viable partners that can seamlessly provide reliable solutions for bringing telephone land lines, mobile phones, video conferencing, email, soft phones and interfaces together into one single integrated application. Fulfilling these expectations laudably is Communication Resources Inc. (CRI), headquartered in Farmingdale, NJ. With a wealth of experience in cloud, virtualization, and BYOD, the company enables its customers to optimize their communications and collaboration environment. CRI has built strong partnerships with UC giants such as Avaya and VMware to augment their proficiency in designing, deploying, and managing infrastructure across the desired private and hybrid cloud framework, and fulfill the demands of clients.

CRI has garnered profound acclamation in the Avaya landscape as the company possesses an eminent ability to serve Avaya customers with its UC portfolio. CRI’s flagship family of products UCloud®—which includes CRI Application Center portfolio (CRI AC), a general purpose platform or “enterprise uc cloud” providing powerful and unique functionality and their Integrated Server Solutions (IS) a single server powerful platform—allowing customers to optimize their Avaya solutions such as Avaya one-X, Aura Conferencing and Messaging applications. The flexibility within this architecture is tremendous, depending on the customer’s requirements such as full redundancy, fault tolerance and disaster recovery. CRI App Center also supports 3rd party applications on this powerful platform without having to provide dedicated servers. “Our integrated server provides an easy and secure path to the customers looking to deploy their applications on cloud in quick succession and at low cost,” says Robert Gill, CEO, CRI. “Customers have used our UCloud® framework to transition their communication landscape into a more flexible, sprawl free and efficient design."

As BYOD is becoming an important extension of UC, CRI has invested heavily to cement its root in this space. CRI is addressing BYOD through Avaya communicator and Avaya’s Fabric Connect solution.
With these solutions, having the backend support of CRI AC, the company provides a single collaboration network to the customer’s workforce. This simplifies the management of the network, as it holds the capability of handling over thousands of different devices simultaneously.

Customers have used our UCloud infrastructure to transition their communication landscape into a more flexible, sprawl free and efficient framework

Various customers across the globe have leveraged the partnership of CRI and Avaya. One stellar example is when CRI deployed two Avaya Core datacenters supporting over 350 edge sites, an upgraded network using thousands of Avaya level 2 switches, and over 10,000 Avaya IP phones.

The driving force behind CRI and its scintillating portfolio is their talented engineers who strive to bring innovation element in the products and solutions. “Our innovation lab is leveraged by our engineers to serve many purposes—from development, proof concept verification to production rollout,” says Gill. Each engineer is provided with their own “sandbox” affording them the liberty to create their own workspace for application testing and design.

The company is also known for building core relationships with its customers and support them in every step of the project— be it discovering the pain points of customers, educating them on the solution deployment or delivering 24X7 end support service. “Unlike most of the UC vendors, we not only design and deploy the virtualized infrastructure for our customers, but also manage it after the implementation,” says Gill. Moving forward, as a system integrator, the company intends to expand the ecosystem through continued innovations which will redefine the options clients have in designing and supporting their converged infrastructure and application set.


Farmingdale, NJ

Robert Gill, CEO

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