CRMnext: Profit from Disruption with a Digital Contact Center

Nishant Singh, CEO
Everyone has access to paints and brushes, but only a few painters manage to create a masterpiece, believes Nishant Singh, CEO, CRMNEXT. This belief, backed by Singh’s passion for using innovative technologies to improve customer experiences by continuously re-imagining Customer Relationship Management (CRM)— has led to CRMNEXT becoming a “must have” for businesses worldwide. “With our commutable cloud, Digital-CRM solution, we work continuously toward improving our customer’s business processes and practices,” notes Singh.

With an accelerated change in the competitive ecosystem, contact centers today, have become the nerve center for digital strategies. “As traditional enterprise contact centers fail to maintain a consistent brand engagement across all touchpoints within an organization, the transformation from a problem lodging platform to a profitable business solution has occurred,” explains Singh. In line with the same, CRMNEXT works with several large and small enterprises, and delivers CRM solutions to reduce incoming call volumes by measuring closure rates of the first conversation—delivering higher efficiency.

“Our magic lies in the way CRMNEXT re-imagines contact center interactions with a first-time-right mantra, facilitating instant fulfillment and great customer experiences in a digital world,” articulates Singh. With this shift to a modern, more visual way of receiving customer requests and processing them, contact centers have undergone a massive boost where agents don’t rely heavily on training. Having worked extensively and seamlessly with digital, CRMNEXT effortlessly collaborates with partner platforms for dialers and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and uses Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) to ensure a seamless journey for their customers.

“Enterprises with legacy investments are using a phased approach to modernizing their contact centers, in order to efficiently improve their unit and increase productivity,” affirms Singh. Depending on their requirements and need-for-speed in a Digital-age, firms are using CRMNEXT to completely transform their units or replace the old contact center CRM systems with CRMNEXT.

Based in Noida, India, CRMNEXT has worked with numerous clients to transform their contact-centers into customer-intimacy channels.
To achieve this goal, several organizations depend on CRMNEXT’s digital storyboard journeys, known as ‘Vivid Journeys.’ This unique feature is based on the ability to completely transform the old contact center strategy of ‘lowering call handling time’ to ‘maximizing seat utilization’ by equipping agents with multiple skills. “We have successfully helped several firms to rethink and change their legacy processes into a digital-first strategy, and ensure that their contact points remain paperless and universally skilled for any interaction,” says Singh.

The firm caters to every customer related processes including marketing, sales, service, performance, online sales, analytics, and mobility, on a single platform working towards delivering a great customer experience. For instance, being one of Asia’s largest banks, HDFC implemented CRMNEXT to significantly boost its profits and increase customer satisfaction. CRMNEXT’s solutions successfully enabled the bank to drastically increase their lead generation by 370 percent, customer loyalty index by 92 percent, and their sales turnaround time by 93 percent. “With our unique Digital-CRM solution, we were able to raise HDFC’s First- Time-Right documentation and cross-sell by 61 and 40 percent respectively, which helped the bank achieve their ‘One Bank’ vision goal—boosting profit and customer satisfaction,” explains Singh.

With our commutable cloud Digital-CRM solution, we work toward improving our customer’s business processes and practices, enabling them to profit from the Digital disruption that’s taking place

In the immediate future, CRMNEXT foresees traditional and digital-native enterprises changing their business strategy of running several CRMs to a single platform solution across the enterprise. The company’s 2016 agenda is to focus on helping organizations achieve faster and higher returns on queries and efficiently drive customer experience. “We furthermore, plan to introduce several innovations like Vivid Journeys, Auto-flow process designers, Trinity cross-sell modelers and many more to completely re-imagine CRM for the Digital age,” concludes Singh.


Noida, India

Nishant Singh, CEO

Provider of commutable cloud Digital-CRM solution that enables businesses to seamlessly connect to their product experts in call centers for first-time right closures and profitable cross sells.