Crosstek: Location-Based Framework Providers

Lydia Henshaw, Managing Director
In today’s environment, location plays an important role in keeping pace with the ongoing, fast-paced interaction and the rising inter-connectedness of machines. Increasing data in traditional structured and unstructured forms is creating challenges for decision makers at all levels in terms of capturing, integrating and managing information. Without the real-time ability to quickly visualize activity patterns, map locations, or understand multi-layered geospatial context of situations, decision makers can struggle to determine courses of action. Crosstek, a software development firm develops geo-design and industrial software fundamentally from a greater knowledge of locationbased framework and design performance. “We believe that the solution lies in creating geospatial informationenabled applications and implementing technology across multiple levels of organizations in order to coordinate effective responses,” says Lydia Henshaw, Managing Director, Crosstek. The company drives new innovation and builds solutions that integrate complex and exponential data in real-time or near-real time to enable better decision-making.

The company builds dynamic solutions that support multiple industries, from combat to construction to farming, incorporating geology, instrumentation and scientific and engineering elements. “Our research focuses on integration of dynamic data from aerial-platforms to ground-based sensors and data,” states Lydia.

Crosstek’s GIS professionals and developers are experts in data acquisition, organizational frameworks and design, integration, and numerical data analysis. This provides a better understanding of the data during early lifecycles of the project. Crosstek has been instrumental in building a Common Operating Picture (COP) system that integrates monitoring awareness, and communication instrumentation data. The system integrates field reporting from the lowest levels in the field to monitoring stations wherever the technology is postured. The user interface was incorporated so that any device with web service, that has the technology enabled, can operate in a scalable and responsive environment.

Crosstek's solutions integrate complex and exponential data in real-time or near-real time to enable better decision-making

The company differentiates itself with its people, network and agility in supporting multiple clients. “At Crosstek, our people are central to our success; we hire correctly to continually build a company and culture of curiousminded and high-energy thinkers, questioners and tinkerers.” says Lydia. The company believes in building solutions teams around motivated individuals. “We regularly reflect on how to improve, and how to deliver more effective solutions. We pay close attention to technical excellence and good design,” she adds.

For instance, Crosstek provided one government client with a user interface that displayed integrated sensor data from passive seismic systems on a remote volcanic island, for hazard monitoring of millions of entries per month. The client was provided with access to real-time data streams on natural hazards that enabled them to monitor and predict threats in real-time. Another program built by Crosstek was a major initiative focused on protecting susceptible drainage areas in the Middle East. Crosstek designed and developed a web application user interface, web services and geospatial enabled mobile interface to report device alerts to the user in real time.

Moving forward, the company sees a lot of opportunities in the increased adoption of visual-analytic dynamically enabled algorithms for process optimization. “We are investing resources in sustainable and organic marketplace and see great opportunity to solve domestic and global food challenges using technology to enable farmers with economical and holistic software,” concludes Lydia.


Vicksburg, MS

Lydia Henshaw, Managing Director

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