Crowd Machine: Propelling Digital Transformation with a Unified, Low-Code Approach

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James Hanley, CEO
To realize digital transformation in entirety, organizations need to establish a strong cohesion between IT departments and their business objectives, upgrade to the new technologies, and change the way the business operations are carried out. All of this can be achieved by leveraging microservices, which allows the translation of functionalities between existing legacy applications and systems and using them to build new applications for faster workflows and delivery of solutions/services. It is at this juncture that Crowd Machine enables companies to modernize their entire IT infrastructure, by allowing the upgrading and redeployment of all their existing applications via its unified, cloud-based Crowd Machine GO platform. The solution enables clients to get a multi-faceted outlook of their business and become more efficient with workflows and processes to ultimately become productive, improve revenue returns, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. “We enable the integration of the various applications either cross-cloud or within our platform while empowering our clients to develop new applications and iterate them quickly,” states James Hanley, the CEO of Crowd Machine.

The two foundations of Crowd Machine technology – GO and Crowd App Studio makes it possible to migrate applications into the cloud, from where they can be assembled into different solutions and rapidly transformed to align with industry-level or enterprise-level modernizations, continuously. Essentially, Crowd Machine GO and the Crowd App Studio provide a fully managed no-code microservice development ecosystem, which helps break down the monolithic solutions to an extensive database of functional behavior. These microservices or gadgets can then be assembled by clients using Crowd Machine’s business line facing configuration interface. This helps clients integrate several data sources related to enterprise operations, and automate them – providing more comprehensive visibility in a “single pane of glass.” Ultimately, this liberates IT from backlogs while formulating business solutions to stay competitive and agile. The no-code capability enables clients to swiftly write new applications and combine them seamlessly with existing data sets. “Our platform enables clients to access the information, combine it, integrate it, visualize it through reporting, and run processes that enhance business process and drive greater efficiency,” adds Hanley.

What we are doing is completing the digital transformation journey for clients, moving into the cloud, moving into the platform, and enabling interaction between multiple systems, to propel business process efficiency and enhancement

The cross-cloud aspect adds to the solution’s uniqueness as it allows the clients to combine applications, both on the cloud and on-premise. The platform, being cloud-agnostic, can seamlessly run on any public cloud, including AWS, Azure, or even Oracle.

Apart from this, the company’s Crowd Academy provides a new hue to their solutions wherein users are educated and trained about the platform and its use. The users can leverage an online and structured approach to learn how to build no-code apps on the platform, build competent teams, increase delivery quality, and business efficiency.

The combination of the Crowd App Studio with GO has made Crowd Machine the choice of several enterprise customers, including healthcare providers, healthcare insurance organizations, and leading consulting companies. Keeping up to its clients’ needs, the company strives to further sharpen the edge of its solutions’ continuous automation capabilities. In spite of its unified nature, the platform is an entirely open environment where a library of gadgets can be used to bring about profitable business outcomes. “What we are doing is completing the digital transformation journey for clients, right from moving into the cloud, moving into the platform, and enabling interaction between multiple systems, to propel business process efficiency and enhancement,” concludes Hanley.

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Crowd Machine and Caspex Partner to Offer Unified Cloud Platform for Accelerated Application Development and Integration

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif: Crowd Machine is the leading full feature, cloud native, no-code PaaS (Platform as a Service), for the rapid creation of sophisticated enterprise applications, faster and at less cost than any platform on the market. Today, Crowd Machine announced the release of Crowd Machine GO to beta - a powerful, no-code visualization, data exploration and management solution for enterprise.

With its best in class no-code platform, Crowd Machine empowers Fortune 1000 companies to implement a digital strategy that enables continuous adaptation, to quickly and easily meet changing market demands. With the addition of Crowd Machine GO, companies will have the power to transform and modernize legacy systems, as well as assemble flexible intelligent applications, and easily orchestrate AI solutions - all using Crowd Machine GO's executable services and apps called "Gadgets".

Crowd Machine has launched GO into its first round of beta, making GO exclusively available to a limited number of its current enterprise customers, including one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States. Crowd Machine plans to release Crowd Machine GO to additional enterprise customers in the fall, and more widely in 2020.

"The Crowd Machine GO Solution really consists of two parts," said Craig Sproule, founder and CEO of Crowd Machine. "First, the Crowd Machine development environment, Crowd App Studio, where IT Departments can rapidly create intelligent microservices, known as 'GO Gadgets'. And second, the GO configuration interface, where the business line can self-serve on the Gadgets, to quickly assemble compliant solutions that meet any business requirement."

The Crowd Machine GO solution also quickly and easily decomposes monolithic systems into highly functional microservices controlled by the IT department, to ensure compliance with corporate solutions, data and security policies, while simultaneously replacing aging app portfolios with flexible intelligent applications. GO Gadgets can be used to link multiple legacy systems and disparate sources of data, or act as stand-alone highly functional apps.

"The combination of GO and Crowd App Studio empowers the business and IT to make data work in new ways, solve business problems, and improve business results," says Crowd Machine COO, James Hanley. "Crowd Machine GO is, hands down, the most powerful solution in the world for accelerating data analysis, management and AI initiatives."

Unlike other products in the market today, GO Applications can be created without coding - meaning that it is much faster to get them to the business line. Where other tech companies tend to position pre-configured collaboration products and platforms, GO can be used to consume discrete units of functionality in a modular way; and thereby provide a solution that enables agile and continuous rapid evolution of a solution for business management and IT.

"It's about being able to automate functionality and utilization of data in legacy solutions. Crowd Machine GO, when combined with the Crowd App Studio, allows completely new functionality to be created, that may have no interaction with legacy solutions. It's entirely up to the IT Department as to what they need, or want to create, and then expose to the business line," says Anthony Barbarino, Crowd Machine Tech Evangelist.

Crowd Machine GO, the latest advancement to the Crowd Machine platform, delivers an ecosystem of smart adaptive functionality to enterprise for the creation of faster, higher quality, enterprise apps, that fuel rapid & continuous digital transformation.

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Scotts Valley, CA

James Hanley, CEO

Crowd Machine prides in being one of the industry leaders that drives digital transformation with its unique solutions. The company offers a one of a kind no-code cloud based platform Crowd Machine GO, which enables clients to bring all the data together, analyze, monitor, and utilize it effectively to drive business efficiency and thus result in profitable returns. Clients can seamlessly avail this unified yet open platform to bring together legacy solution and utilize them to build newer solutions for business growth. Furthermore, it also enables a complete automation and modernization of the overall IT environment and migrate their existing application on the cloud to get better visibility of their business processes, in effect bringing about increased productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction to its clients

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