CrownPeak: Expedites Web Experience Management Across Customer Touch Points

Jim Howard, CEO
Speed-to-market, cost, flexibility—these are the critical parameters continuously valued and rated in digital markets. For enterprises, there is a particular concern about redundant and overly-expensive investment in software and infrastructure. So for today’s marketers, if their legacy systems no longer provide adequate performance and results, the advantage of a forwardthinking, alternative solution holds the key.

“By utilizing our cloud-based technologies, marketers get world-class platforms to build on their customer experience across devices and languages globally at a much lower capital investment,” says Jim Howard, CEO of CrownPeak. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, CrownPeak is all about empowering marketers. The company’s suite of tools puts marketers in control to create, manage and optimize the web experience, as well as share assets, data, content, images and templates.

Moving beyond Web Content Management, CrownPeak’s platform encompasses a broader category known as Web Experience Management (WEM). WEM includes personalization, localization, testing, targeting, Digital Asset Management and analytics to enable rich, personalized and data-driven experiences across all customer touch points. CrownPeak equips the marketing organization and its end-users for success with the necessary tools for the effective execution, rapid optimization, and insightful metrics measurement of marketing activities.

CrownPeak’s SaaS platform runs on a virtual private cloud in Amazon Web Services. The company has taken tremendous steps to eliminate perceived weaknesses of cloud solutions in terms of security, data privacy, interoperability, scalability, control and access to advanced features. This unique cloud architecture removes the complexity of maintaining a web content management system and hosting solutions. This enables marketers to manage, target, publish, integrate with third-party applications, and analyze web content on their websites, micro-sites, mobile media or landing pages with ease and speed. Marketing departments can use CrownPeak’s SaaS platform with no impact on IT and at a much lower operating and capital expenditure, while also cutting the average timeframe for implementation from multiple months down to weeks.
Notably, CrownPeak has identified the particular effectiveness of its platform in addressing the needs of global enterprise. Howard and his team have identified that localization of web properties is essential to increase marketing relevance and effectiveness. “If the central organization becomes the enabler and empowers all the regions around the world to market locally, then the marketing campaigns will generate higher outcomes,” says Howard. To address this, CrownPeak delivers many useful out-of-the-box tools to support global enterprise. The platform supports nearly a dozen languages and can be configured so regional teams can easily customize and tap into the potential of local markets, all while maintaining a unified global brand experience. In addition to needing complete control over the channels where they deliver digital experiences, marketers must be able to simultaneously roll out international projects. However, developing a global footprint over a shared service for IT is very expensive. Yet CrownPeak’s architecture scales efficiently to combat this problem.

MetLife, a CrownPeak customer, faced this challenge when it had to reach out across 50 new global markets after acquiring Alico. Prioritizing local agility and central brand control, MetLife chose CrownPeak’s platform so it could deploy the solution to two markets every week. With dozens of projects implemented concurrently, the time to market was 20 weeks. Integrating CrownPeak’s solution with MetLife’s analytics, CRM and marketing automation delivered vital metrics for a unified global brand web presence.

CrownPeak’s support for the most sophisticated digital campaigns has benefited enterprises like Prudential, Diageo, Skype, EMI Music, MetLife, BNY Mellon and Intuit, across banking, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and media sectors. Moving ahead, the company places great emphasis on integrating with the products of leading social media and data companies to offer shared functionality and single sign-on.“We are integrating with the ecosystem of data providers including social media players, and data from these organizations will be available to our customers to better understand their prospects through analytics,” states Howard. With this particular focus on compatibility with third-party integrations, CrownPeak looks to always stay current with the flow of innovation in the market.


Los Angeles, CA

Jim Howard, CEO

Offers Software-as-a-Service web experience management and optimization solutions.

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