CRT Medical Systems: Exercising Collaborative Medical Billing Practices

Conner Doyle, Director of Business Operation
“Analysts in recent years have predicted that 97 percent or more of the independent healthcare practitioners plan to outsource at least a portion or all of their billing and administrative responsibilities,” begins Conner Doyle, Director of Business Operation, CRT Medical Systems. However, for Doyle, the healthcare industry today is one of the slowest verticals to adopt both outsourcing and the technology associated with it. Many healthcare providers today still prefer to practice their craft the way they have always done. It’s important to educate healthcare firms why outsourcing and implementation of technology is cost effective and more efficient. “Outsourcing enables healthcare organizations to do what they do best—providing patient care—and allows experts to handle other administrative burdens such as RCM (Revenue Cycle Management), payroll, and staffing, which improves business productivity,” explains Doyle.

For over 30 years, CRT Medical Systems has been a medical billing expert for all of the clinical practice needs of its clients. As an outsourcing company, CRT Medical provides healthcare organizations with fully integrated practice management and EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software solutions. “CRT Medical helps practice managers and medical billing technicians make the right decisions at the beginning of the billing process, which allows practitioners to encounter fewer rejections by their patients,” says Doyle. Also, with security of patient and practice records being paramount, the company’s medical billing services are among the most secure in the industry. With redundant off-site data storage security and rigorous data back-up protocols, CRT Medical Systems is airtight.

With its Full Management Medical Billing Service, CRT Medical Systems provides a complete billing department solution. The Full Management option is essentially a highly secure remote billing office that allows healthcare firms to fully maintain access and control their billing system through a dedicated computer connection. Likewise, CRT Medical’s Hybrid Management solution allows healthcare organizations to take on as much or as little of the billing process as they are comfortable with.

CRT Medical enables practitioners to operate a profitable and efficient practice; simply put, doctors can be doctors and we take care of the rest

The Hybrid Management solutions are an effective way to seamlessly integrate a high level of customer care without incurring soaring administrative costs. The client has the ability to access any reports, inquire on any patient balances, as well as look at and maintain patient demographic and billing information.

Once, a local healthcare practitioner was spending excessive capital for hiring more staff and implementing technologies such as EMR to stay compliant with the ever changing government regulation. CRT Medical assisted the healthcare practitioner through its systematic analytics and figured out the unnecessary expenditures that the healthcare practitioner was making in reimbursements, staffing, and technology. “We provided new type of billing processes, payer metrics, and demographics to the healthcare practitioner and implemented new financial policies and standards for them,” says Doyle. CRT Medical eliminated redundant staffing and overhead costs of licensing fees, hardware costs for the client and within 6 months, the healthcare practitioner went from losing $100,000 a month to earning $125,000 a month profit.

Forging ahead, CRT Medical’s strategy is to acquire other billing and RCM companies to not only build its own market share, but also to have a national presence. The company aims not just to be a vendor for its clients, but a business partner by developing close relationships. “Our core competency is RCM and we focus on improving our RCM solutions and services to help our clients enhance their productivity and ROI,” concludes Doyle.

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Novi, MI

Conner Doyle, Director of Business Operation

CRT Medical Systems is a Revenue Cycle Management company providing healthcare practitioners fully integrated practice solutions and processes

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