Crunch Data, Inc.: Connecting Data to Guarantee BI Readiness

Douglas Textor, CEO
Organizations deal with a vast chunk of data that need to be represented in a comprehensible format to execute necessary decisions. Very often, CIOs are confronted with challenges related to legacy system data disparity, integrity and security, when deploying business intelligence tools (BI) and initiatives. To ease out such difficulties and help companies to unlock the true potential of their data, Crunch Data, a San Francisco, California-based firm offers products, processes, and services for data visualization. Through their deep domain expertise and understanding of data sources and structures, the company assists its customers with a formidable range of solutions throughout data lifecycle. “Our solutions enable clients to accelerate time to insights, put data to work faster, and also efficiently extract more value from their existing information assets,” says Douglas Textor, CEO, Crunch Data.

The company’s (SaaS) BI solutions help clients to organize, enrich, and analyze their enterprise information. “Our products, services and platforms allow users to define KPIs, manage data sources, and create dashboards. Further, we provide support throughout every stage of the customers’ BI readiness cycle,” says Textor emphasizing the importance of data connectivity in an enterprise’s BI initiatives. Crunch Data’s next generation BI strategies, tools, and services help clients to achieve fivefold improvement in one fifth of the time and one fifth of the cost of implementing traditional BI tools and initiatives. “Our C-Connect™ Suite addresses the dilemma of connecting disparate data sources and provides starter visualization kits with selectable KPIs, delivering users the clarity on ways to optimize existing information sets and their combinations,” says Textor.

To sum it up, Crunch Data’s data visualization services simplify the cost and complexities involved in deploying analytics in the cloud or on-premise system, thereby curbing expenses of hiring internal resources.

Our C-Connect™ Suite also addresses the dilemma of connecting disparate data sources and provides starter visualization kits with selectable KPIs

“Our services not only provide maximum flexibility to the CIO while allocating resources for analytics projects, but also enhance the productivity level of the business users,” opines Textor. To assist companies to convert enterprise data to powerful insights and results, the firm systematically follows and practices the “4P Process for Mining Data—analysis of Proprietary, Purchased, Public, and Partner data.

Such wide-ranging solutions were utilized by one of the Crunch Data’s major clients to understand the complex state of their international supply chain as well as optimize their purchasing power within the electronics business. The firm helped the customer ‘move the needle’ in the positive direction, controlling business costs and helping them to easily share relevant data with their partners to improve their pricing strategies.

Crunch Data stresses the hiring of competent people and empowering them to add value to the organization, as the best way to pass enrichment on to their customers. Furthermore, the company believes in outshining competition by broadening its solutions stack with flexible and valuable platforms. “For this purpose, we are investing in API connectivity to proffer our C-Connect suite of API connectors,” adds Textor. The company is all set to forge forward by exploring the domain of data visualization with its Enterprise Readiness Assessment and 4P’s Roadmap to build in next generation tools that counter business and data risks.

Crunch Data, Inc

Thousand Oaks, CA

Douglas Textor, CEO

Provides solutions for data visualization to ensure BI readiness

Crunch Data, Inc