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Johnathan Turrall, CEO
Blockchain is a technological heavyweight that is already dominating the enterprise landscape, since its recent conceptualization. Many believed that the technology would eliminate the need for intermediaries and transform virtually every element of the economy—well, they were right. It has been a solution to almost every challenge that is known to industries with regard to transparency and security. The blockchain realm constitutes a large segment of the market that serves the growing need for multiple sectors per year. In this highly competitive environment, Cryptonomy is considered a benchmark for a consultancy specializing in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and DLT. Besides, some of the notable crypto exchanges within Cryptonomy‘s portfolio include Royal Mint, Ethereum, IOHK, and is a trusted entity worldwide.

With an ambitious, highly qualified, and focused team of experts, Cryptonomy provides consultation and support in the emerging technology design, development, security, marketing, and law. The company guides its customers on creating a new cryptocurrency, adding blockchain functionalities, or building a decentralized consensus system for their operations. Regardless of the size of the enterprise or the extent of their technological advancement, Cryptonomy assists its client in their progress. Cryptonomy has the ability to provide informed decision-making capabilities, which ensures that clients can definitively visualize their organizational objectives. The secret to its success lies in the company’s close relationship with its partners, which ensures a favorable outcome for parties involved in any collaborative effort. Following this strategy, the close involvement of software development guarantees a clear path of progression and seamless technology delivery benefiting the company’s businesses. Founded in 2012, Cryptonomy hones expertise in cryptography, development, architecture, and marketing.
You name it, and they’ve got it—from coding to product launch prerequisites or a portfolio that includes testing, integration, full documentation and releasing open-source data sets, Cryptonomy has a team of experts that are all set to assist companies in building their assets for future. Its software development methodology is agile-focused, which means that clients have access to the system to provide user testing and feedback. Cryptonomy adopts an adaptable approach to software modification if changes are required during the development phase. The company also oversees test and audit trail that are essentials on high-end cryptographic systems as they significantly reduce threats on the clients’ operations. That’s not all; at the end of the development process, Cryptonomy provides defined hand-over procedures and documentation support, and further guides the organizations on how to manage and maintain the new system.

The prowess of Cryptonomy’s products was on a full display when a client approached the company to assist them in designing a Bitcoin inspired blockchain that its customers could use globally for gold transactions. Cryptonomy’s principal challenge was to create a design that would incorporate the benefits of a decentralized blockchain system through a centralized issuer of gold tokens while also adhering to the international regulatory compliance standards. Considering the client’s requirements, Cryptonomy produced functional specifications, which were followed by pursuing business partnerships for a scalable ecosystem of services. With its expertise in the blockchain landscape, Cryptonomy developed an interactive design for its client and continues to provide ongoing technical assistance.

To that end, the emergence of cryptocurrencies has sparked a debate concerning its future; to become a part of the mainstream financial system, it should satisfy different criteria of the finance industry. The revolution has started, and institutions have begun to realize the potential of cryptocurrency. Therefore, with a highly focused team of experts, Cryptonomy seeks to deliver socially beneficial innovation globally by challenging the status quo of cryptocurrencies and decentralized ledger technology.


London, UK

Johnathan Turrall, CEO

Cryptonomy is a consultancy specialising in cryptocurrency, blockchain and DLT that provide expert consultation and support in emerging technology design, development, security, marketing and law