Cryptosoft: Data Centric Security for IoT

Darron Antill,CEO
The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly evolving and culminating into an intelligent, invisible network fabric that can be sensed, controlled and programmed. Undoubtedly, as we stridently embrace the IoT economy, information security threats against organisations of all sizes will become increasingly more common and sophisticated.

Every player with a stake in IoT is well aware that security is paramount for the safe and reliable operation of IoT devices. The fact that these devices are constantly generating huge amounts of data is driving the need for faster networks, larger storage capabilities, and enhanced security. The daily journey undertaken by trillions of pieces of IoT data is a precarious one. Data transfer mechanisms using supposedly secure protocols are not only compromised but also cannot be guaranteed end to end. With most IoT endpoints sitting in potentially hostile environments and with little or no security on the devices themselves many attacks are now targeted at data whilst in storage. With the explosive adoption of IaaS and PaaS underpinning the relentless pace of change driving IoT, our precious data is facing a threat landscape of previously unimaginable proportions. It is imperative that appropriate, definitive, action is taken to significantly reduce or eliminate these threats. Cryptosoft has responded to this need with the development of its Data Centric Security Platform.

Cryptosoft’s platform enables organisations to secure their Machine-to-Machine (M2M) information assets in motion and at rest. By using a simple policy driven approach, devices can be securely authenticated and critical data can be easily secured using industry proven and accepted cryptographic technology. Importantly Cryptosoft secures the data itself, providing a persistent protective vault around every data element, wherever it resides ensuring integrity, privacy, and compliance.

Cryptosoft is completely hardware, software, and security system agnostic, providing ultimate flexibility for securing information wherever it resides. The Cryptosoft platform allows organisations to add security services anywhere in a workflow without disrupting the business processes. The company’s platform, in contrast to the existing market solutions, secures the information at the source, so a customer’s data is protected both in storage and in transit.
“Ours is a data centric security platform that can sit on top of the existing products or solutions. An organisation does not have to change its symmetry from scratch, while integrating our platform,” comments Darron Antill, CEO, Cryptosoft. “Our solution can be delivered using native C or Java; we have the ability to deploy into almost any modern compute platform.”

The company offers data security services for mobile network operators and solves the problem of securing information flow within the corporate data centre, the cloud, and mobile devices, while preserving existing information security investments. “IoT service providers and management platform providers can drive further value and decrease sales cycles by offering a completely secure service platform,” asserts Antill. This allows service providers to concentrate on core functionality, while Cryptosoft eliminates the costs associated with building an in-house security solution. Recently, the company released v3.0 of the Cryptosoft Data Centric Security Platform, which enhances scalability, improves management capabilities, and introduces gateway agent functionality to provide users with improved data processing capabilities.

Numerous organisations have leveraged Cryptosoft as their standard stage for provisioning Security as a Service, streamlining construction modeling, and lessening business hazard. Recently, Cryptosoft helped a global pharmaceutical organisation to consolidate over one hundred bespoke data security solutions in just six weeks.

Our software is a data centric security platform that integrates with existing products or solutions, so ROI is compelling, and time to value is days not months

“We are leading the charge to build trust in IoT by providing seamless, simple provisioning of IoT scale authentication and encryption services for connected machines,” concludes Antill.


Thames Valley UK and San Francisco

Darron Antill,CEO and Jon Penney, CTO

A hardware, software, and security system agnostic company providing flexibility for securing information wherever it resides.