CS Disco: Transforming e-Discovery to Enable Informed Legal Judgment

In a world where corporate data multiplies every year, several law firms are constantly at war with technology to manage the herculean task of electronic discovery. Most lawyers are struggling to retrieve and process the enormous data and evidences that are buried in emails, digital drafts, or instant messages. The multitude of solution providers that rose to bridge this gap between technology and lawyers only offer certain pieces of solutions—discrete products for collection, production, and review. Such siloed technologies gradually increase the administrative and cost burdens of lawyers who rely on the technical assistance provided by the litigation support and IT staff. On the whole, most e-discovery tools in the market are not only slow and complicated, but very expensive as well. As these tools do not scale to meet the lawyers’ requirements, Houston, TX based CS Disco developed an all inclusive e-discovery Software as a Service (SaaS) product. Disco, the company’s legal technology product replaces all the individual technologies into a single, integrated solution for early case assessment, processing, review, analytics, and production. Founded by former litigation partners, Kiwi Camara and Kent Radford, and engineers, Gabe Krambs and Barry Hagen, Disco has reinvented e-discovery in legal technology arena.

Disco is a legal technology developed by lawyers, for lawyers

CEO, Kiwi Camara, states that, “Disco is a legal technology developed by lawyers, for lawyers.” The company’s integrated solution is a fully self-service product that enables lawyers to operate it, without relying on litigation support or IT staff. Disco eliminates the needs for third party service providers, allowing law firm partners or associates to review the evidences on their own. Likewise, with CS Disco’s integrated platform, lawyers reclaim control over the process of finding evidence. The company’s SaaS product is complemented with several key advantages that automate and simplify the practice of law.
Kiwi Camara, CEO
Responding instantly to the search and review requests with unmatched speed, CS Disco delivers quick solutions to a lawyer’s desk. The company uses the familiar Westlaw and Lexis search syntax in its software, enabling lawyers to use the platform without any prior training. Using three simple screens for search, review, and production lawyers can deal with multi-terabytes of datasets right from their desks. Alongside, the company protects the data in transit and on disks by using the latest encryption technologies. Disco’s SaaS product delivers these advantages as a complete package, at a fraction of the cost of existing e-discovery solutions. Camara assures that, “CS Disco’s e-discovery solutions increase the search speed by ten times and reduce the cost by more than 30 percent.”

By offering superior capabilities to win more cases at less cost, Disco is one of the finest choices among leading litigators. As Will Moye, Partner, Thompson Coe one of Disco’s customers—simply puts, “Disco makes the difference between winning and losing.” Further elaborating on the usability of Disco’s products, Coe states that, “Anybody who is familiar with the functions of a computer, Android, or iOS devices, can operate Disco.”

Having catered to over 300 law firms, enterprises, and government units, including 40 of the Am Law 200, CS Disco aims to automate all the activities that are not part of the practice of law. With a vision to scale new heights in the legal technology landscape, CS Disco is dedicated to leveraging innovative technologies that enable the exercise of informed legal judgment.

CS Disco

Houston, TX

Kiwi Camara, CEO

Automates the process of e-discovery in legal technology landscape with an integrated platform for early case assessment, processing, review, analytics, and production