CSC: Analytics Transformation: Look Ahead to Get Ahead

Andrew Walker, VP & General Manager
Today, as organizations address new sources of data from machine sensors, telematics, smart grids, mobile devices, social media or data streams, the need for a better way to draw insights from these data becomes inevitable. To help clients across industries to gain insight that were unattainable in the past, CSC brings Big Data and Analytics Services—consulting, implementation and as-a-service solutions.

CSC, headquartered in Virginia, U.S., enables organizations to capitalize on Big Data to improve their operations and compete more effectively. It provides a foundation of information management and analytic capabilities to deliver insights. “Our goal is to provide solutions for Big Data in a technology agnostic way. We are very agile and we can create solutions that will work in all forms of the market,” says Andrew Walker, Vice President & General Manager, Big Data and Analytics at CSC.

Agility is important to drive faster time to value. To enable its clients to stand up a Big Data platform in 30 days and begin to rapidly deliver value on their data, earlier this year CSC acquired Infochimps, a provider of Big Data platform-as-a-service for enterprise businesses and an open source innovator. This is the second recent acquisition for CSC in the data analytics space. CSC had earlier acquired 42Six Solutions, a software development company that specialized in Big Data processing and analytics. The two acquisitions have helped CSC expand its Big Data capabilities significantly.

CSC enables organizations to make more informed decisions about future choices and how to react to unfolding events leading to competitive advantage, reduced operating costs, and new revenue opportunities.
For instance, Avis Budget, a leading car rental agency, is using analytics to learn who their best customers are, and what they really value - an approach that is creating substantial top-line and bottom-line benefits. The company's move to analytics-driven marketing empowered by CSC through its creation of a customer value model, targeted campaigns and real time customer recognition has increased the marketing effectiveness of Avis by 25 percent providing it a greater return on investment.

The company helps to accurately forecast and predict future scenarios that can create competitive advantage. CSC’s machine-to-machine and predictive analytics solutions can enable manufacturing plant managers to reduce down time of machinery through predictive maintenance, increase agility to respond to ad hoc orders, and make better informed investment decisions through historical and predictive analysis on performance and capacity.

In the petroleum industry, operational asset management and service delivery are key factors that set a company apart from its competition. Strength in both these areas depends upon capitalizing on knowledge across the enterprise and the insights it provides. CSC helps all companies take a holistic approach to analytics, integrating data, and providing users with a comprehensive and consistent view of information.

The company does not limit itself to gathering, managing, and analyzing information. It builds repeatable capabilities at the level of functional intelligence and then translates those functional capabilities into industry specific solutions. “While most players are working on some niche technology, we try to bring a compact solution that would cater to each and everyone’s need. We don’t push anybody’s technology; we push the right solution for the right project,” says Walker.


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Andrew Walker, VP & General Manager

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