CSG Invotas: Redefining the Value of Automation with Invotas Security Orchestrator

CIO VendorPaul Nguyen, President
Henry Ford revolutionized the automobile industry by bringing in a car within the economic reach of the American middle class. His determination eventually led to the innovation of automated assembly lines optimized for fast and efficient output. “Today the security industry also needs automation tools that will resolve breaches at a quicker pace,” informs Paul Nguyen, President, CSG Invotas. Cementing this thought, Invotas’ core concept revolves around automation orchestration for real-time and cost-efficient management of large security ecosystems. Invotas’ technology also unifies heterogeneous solutions into one platform thereby enabling users to instantaneously implement incidence response strategies. “We represent that muscle in security technologies, which enables clients to respond and eradicate an attack faster,” quips Nguyen.

With the Invotas Security Orchestrator (ISO)—an automated threat response platform that integrates threat data and security technologies into a single console, users have the ability to automate their counterattacks. From pushing a block on a latest firewall, to implementing a new web proxy rule, the ISO can control all aspects of security defenses at machine speed. “Our aim is to digitize workflow, execute processes within our platform and automate steps to reduce human errors and response time,” remarks Nguyen.

Comparatively new to the security market, Invotas borrows their heritage from the telecommunication space and applies the concepts of activation and provisioning to the cyber security arena. The company has built on top of their proven assets in the communication service provider space from the context of security. "By leveraging technology that we have been executing on for over a decade, we are able to connect, command and control across
complex security environments," states Nguyen. One of the first vendors to come out with the concept of security automation orchestration, Invotas is continually looking to perfect the art of providing automated action to accelerate clients' response to threats. “We want to make sure that we provide the greatest technology around automation response capability,” asserts Nguyen. Steered by a conviction that their security solutions can significantly effect change in curbing attacks, Invotas is like the glue that binds tools, process, technologies and personnel together into a unified defense. For a client that had a big remote workforce, the problem was around their employees accessing websites from their homes. This occasionally resulted in infectious files being transferred into the office system through the Virtual Private Network (VPN). Once infected, blocking the traffic at the firewall took time because the client had to login to different solutions from different vendors at the same time. Invotas automated a whole sequence of events through their platform by disabling and blocking the traffic, saving an immense amount of time for the client. “Our platform mitigated the exposure window of the attack. Ever since it was automated, the time taken was less than half of what it took earlier," informs Nguyen.

Invotas is like the glue that binds tools, process, technologies and personnel together into a unified defense

Focusing on perfecting the art of automated response, Invotas will continue to improve its ability in automation to leverage competency in addressing risk mitigation. “We want make sure that we provide the [best] technology for automation response capability,” ends Nguyen.

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Paul Nguyen, President

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