CSS Corp: Leveraging AWS to Enhance Customer Experience

Nishikant Nigam, EVP & Chief Delivery Officer
With two decades’ worth of knowledge in building and leading large IT services business across all service lines, Nishikant Nigam, EVP and Chief Delivery Officer, CSS Corp, acknowledges that cloud technologies impact every aspect of a business. From being a mere buzzword, cloud has become a proven computing model with long term business benefits. As an early adopter of cloud and with the capability of building intelligent cloud tools, CSS Corp stays ahead of the technology curve. However, Nigam stresses that many organizations are struggling with hybrid cloud adoption, which fundamentally changes the IT landscape, requiring re-engineering of enterprise IT architecture and integration with enterprise data centers. “Another concern that CIOs face is the long timeline for workload migration. The industry needs a solution that accelerates workload migration while decreasing cost and downtime, and enhancing the customer experience,” adds Nigam.

CSS Corp has built deep technical expertise by partnering with key cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build multi-tenant platforms for the management of hybrid cloud workloads, security, performance, and migration. “We have developed targeted frameworks and accelerators for designing and managing enterprise-class public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure, with minimal disruptions, low risks, and reduced costs,” states Nigam. “Our comprehensive cloud services include consulting and readiness assessment, transition and integration, and SLA based managed services around the AWS cloud platform.”

CSS Corp’s cloud offerings extend from automated assessments of application and migration of workloads into cloud to the ongoing management of cloud infrastructure and ecosystems. Their modular cloud solutions transform business and IT and provide catalogue-based services, ensuring agility, standardization, governance, and optimization of cloud environments.

With IPs and platforms built to scale, their platform accelerates cloud adoption and allows organizations to migrate workloads at internet scale with minimal risk. This significantly reduces the transformation timelines and increases the ROI—enabling efficient usage of technology infrastructure. “Moreover, the ability of our platform to perform automated assessment, categorization of applications, and automated migrations leveraging industry leading tools, results in accelerated adoption of cloud (up to 3x compared to traditional players),” asserts Nigam.

Our industry leading management platform provides a holistic solution for Hybrid Management including security for the enterprise

In addition, cloud optimization and hybrid management cause a major challenge for enterprises. “Our industry leading management platform provides a holistic solution for Hybrid Management including security for the enterprise. With intensive analytics engine and cloud best practices, we reduce spends significantly for our clients. Organizations looking to move faster with greater agility consider our solution to be highly responsive to their changing business needs. Our services help companies launch products and services up to 60 percent faster and facilitate up to 40 percent TCO savings,” adds Nigam.

Since agility, scalability, and faster time to market become key factors for the success of any software application or system, CSS Corp helps improve productivity up to 30 percent with a focus on automation, accelerators, and framework. By leveraging the AWS partnership, CSS Corp has successfully delivered positive business outcomes to many global customers. “We have saved millions of dollars for a leading FMCG company by helping them adopt AWS cloud solutions with value based pricing models to lower IT operating costs. We also have a history of launching websites within two days with our customized solution, with a robust digital strategy—delivering 99.9 percent uptime and thereby improving end customer experience,” affirms Nigam.

CSS Corp stays ahead of the competition by being a reputable integrator and an advanced consulting partner of AWS. As a strategic support partner, “we are committed to nurturing long-term client relationships by revamping our cloud, analytics, and digital strategy—redefining cost structures, strong business outcomes, and unrivaled customer experiences,” states Nigam. Forging ahead, “We see CSS Corp to be a very strong quadrant in the cloud and digital space along with our traditional service lines, embracing newer technologies to evolve into a more powerful, progressive, and dynamic organization,” concludes Nigam.

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Nishikant Nigam, EVP & Chief Delivery Officer

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