CSS LivePOS: A Hybrid Cloud Point Of Sale Solution For Growing Enterprises

Liad Biton, Founder & CEo
There’s nothing sexy about point-of-sale systems–in fact, when they work right, they should melt into the background and become practically invisible. At least, that’s what the happy customers of CSS’s LivePOS say again and again when asked about their point-of-sale packages. The incredibly powerful, deceptively simple point-ofsale package known as LivePOS is the brain child of Liad Biton and his global team, spread between San Diego, China, Israel and the Philippines.

“LivePOS is a true multi-location cloud solution with a ton of customization options available with a simple click of your mouse"

“LivePOS is a true multi-location cloud solution with a ton of customization options available with a simple click of your mouse. This is something all the little iPad apps can’t even come close to matching,” says Biton. “If you are a multi-location enterprise, we are number one. Unlike other products, we use a hybrid solution to allow the software to work offline and web based management for the back end, giving managers access to their store no matter where they are.”

LivePOS was designed with one principle in mind: keeping it simple. With intuitive menus and easy-to-learn back end systems for manipulating inventory, managing special sales, connecting with customers via a detailed marketing database and endless options for customization, LivePOS is a simple point-of-sale app that is easily adapted for any type or size of business. From the tiny Mom and Pop store just venturing into the world of digital record keeping to franchises that span the globe, LivePOS is ideal for businesses that want a simple, powerful point-of-sale tool.

“We are able to accommodate every customer’s feature and reporting needs,” says Liad Biton, LivePOS CEO.
“This is due to our product infrastructure and investment in our R&D. Customers who bring their business to LivePOS and have special requests are almost never charged for these features, instead we find a way to accommodate them by adding these features and later releasing them to the rest of our customers, allowing the product to continuously evolve.”

Despite monumental growth over the last four years, the LivePOS team has kept customer service among their highest priorities. Offering technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, LivePOS customers are never left without a lifeline, no matter where they might be located in the world. Downtime can be costly, but the support team works tirelessly to ensure that their point-of-sale system is incredibly reliable. Unlike other software companies that apply updates haphazardly, every change to LivePOS fits in seamlessly, without a lot of fanfare.

“The way we initially designed the product was by looking 10 years down the road. We understood that more features and integrations would be added and we needed to find a way to integrate them in the cleanest and simplest way for the customer,” explains Biton. “Now, we add modules as needed, and we do it without burdening the software with useless buttons. Our latest addition is the Work Order module, allowing you to take in special orders and repairs. It is fully integrated with our POS solution and the online Dashboard.”

LivePOS is great in a stable retail environment, but it is also tied into the Cloud–managers and owners can easily access their store while on the go with their mobile phone or desktop computer. Because of LivePOS’s unique design there are no worries of blackouts if the Internet at the store goes down–LivePOS continues to process transactions even without an outside connection, sending them through once reliable communications have been reestablished. This feature is a boon to businesses situated in areas where their connection strength is poor.


La Jolla, CA

Liad Biton, Founder & CEo

CSS LivePOS is a Hybrid cloud point of sale solution providing a real time retail management solution tailored for the retail and services industry.