CTERA Networks: Bridging the Gap Between Cloud Storage and Local Storage

CIO VendorLiran Eshel, CEO, Co-Founder
The explosive growth in unstructured data, the increased need to access files anywhere and from any device, and the desire to collaborate frequently across the distributed enterprise are all driving companies to use scalable, costefficient cloud storage technology to address these needs. Palo Alto based CTERA Networks caters to this need of both enterprises and service providers and in the process has created a buzz amongst the tech circles. The company enables its customers to use the cloud storage infrastructure of their choice whether private, public or hybrid, while ensuring end-to-end security and overcoming performance and scalability challenges.

'Single Pane Of Glass' Management Founded in 2008 by Liran Eshel, CEO, and Zohar Kaufman, VP R&D, the company provides a cloud storage platform that enables enterprises and service providers to create, manage and deliver cloud storage services, whether internal or external. The company’s unique platform includes built-in functionality for file sync and share, hybrid on-premises/cloud backup,managed branch storage and mobile collaboration which is unified under 'single pane of glass' management. “Our platform extends storage infrastructure to make it "cloud enabled", and integrates with the majority of object-based and other scalable storage systems, as well as cloud service providers. CTERA is a technology vendor – we do not provide cloud services, but rather empower service providers and enterprises to do so,” adds Eshel. It is the only company to provide a platform that addresses multiple cloud storage "killer apps" and supports both hardware and software-based deployment scenarios to optimize performance across remote office and branches,as well as mobile workers.
Providing Game Changing Services CTERA's core development team originated from Check Point Software, so security is very much in the company's DNA and is embedded into all aspects of the company's solutions, which feature built-in source-based encryption and other security measures.

The company's cloud storage platform is comprised of cloudside management software, cloud storage gateway appliances and ndpoint software agents for PCs and mobile. Customers can choose any mix of software/hardware to serve their storage, backup and file sharing needs in an optimal way. Active Directory integration, including support for the most complex AD forests, makes it easy for enterprises to deploy CTERA's solution, while global source-based de-duplication ensures optimal erformance over the WAN. CTERA integrates with storage infrastructure from EMC, IBM, HDS, OpenStack, Caringo, DDN, Scality and leversafe, as well as with public cloud providers such as AWS and Rackspace.

Winning the Trust of Clients Due to its game changing technology, in a very short period of time, the company has won the hearts of many firms which include some of the Fortune 100 enterprises across multiple industry sectors including financial services,life sciences and energy. Major service providers also use CTERA's platform to drive their businessgrade cloud storage services.They include, among others, Telefonica, CenturyLink, Orange (France Telecom), Telecom Italia and Swisscom. With customers in production with 10,000s of appliances deployed and 100,000s of active users, CTERA's technology
is proven to scale to very large deployments.

CTERA plans to continue its good run and expand its platform both to support additional usecases as well as to extend further the value of cloud storage for security, compliance and data mining purposes in the future.

CTERA Networks

Palo Alto, CA

Liran Eshel, CEO, Co-Founder and Zohar Kaufman, VP R&D, Co-Founder

A provider of a cloud storage platform for enterprises and service providers, enabling the delivery of a suite of storage applications over the infrastructure of their choice