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Francisco Loschiavo Neto, Partner and Renato Corrêa Picanço, Partner & Executive Director
In today’s highly competitive business environment, the scrutiny of increasing regulations put finance departments under tremendous pressure and achieving financial success demands effective financial performance management. Since traditional performance management tools focus too much on a “command and control” culture, managing the unpredictable financial ecosystem was a difficult combination of managing today’s operations with tomorrow’s growth opportunities. Having arrived early in the scene, CTI Global has sought to change the ball game, by offering a systematic, high tech approach to financial performance management that is integrated with strategy, structure, culture, and information systems. Founded in 1992, the consulting company has partnered with IBM to deliver financial and operational performance management solutions to help businesses transform slow, traditional processes into efficient and modern financial experiences.

CTI Globaldelivers expertise to its clients by interacting with the C-level executives to understand their business needs and the market challenges that they are facing. Elaborating the company’s key differentiating factors, CTI Global’s Partner and Executive Director, Renato Corrêa Picanço says, “Our financial and operational performance management solutions, using IBM platform, allow us to design models and deploy turnkey systems to clients, supported by process improvements and change management to be on a par with international best practices.”

The company focuses on three main pillars each of which are strongly driven by innovation and strategic planning. The first pillar is to support its clients to face financial and economic crises in the market. CTI Global delivers financial simulation models, to assist executives with the simulation of strategies, increasing accuracy and reliability for decision making. The model is tailored to be a perfect fit for companies that have to act in unstable economic scenarios with numerous indicators and assumptions resulting in a reliable foundation for decision making.

The second pillar focuses on predictive solutions to support businesses in generating sales projections with efficient demand-planning processes that can improve the accuracy of revenue and marketing campaign forecasts, and optimize inventory levels.

Our financial and operational performance management solutions, using IBM platform, allow us to design models and deploy turnkey systems to clients

As a medium-term plan, the third pillar is to analyze and incorporate cognitive tools to the existing solutions that increase the quality of projection and analysis of profitability of CTI Global’s clients.

Cosan—one of the leading energy and infrastructure providers in Brazil, focuses on delivering essential services that Brazil needs to support the growth of the national economy. With the international expansion, Cosan started serving a broad range of industries, and as business flourished, it was taxing for Cosan’s finance department to keep up with the company’s growth. CTI Global provided IBM Cognos Platform for planning and consolidation of business operations integrated with SAP and others ERP applications. With this solution, Cosan replaced its existing spreadsheet processes, automating budgeting, financial consolidation, and reporting, which enabled them to complete the tasks faster and more accurately. IBM Cognos Platform accelerated Cosan’s budgeting by 63 percent, allowing smarter financial decision-making and simplified provision of accurate figures to management, stakeholders, and stock exchanges.

CTI Global’s team is composed of business consultants with large experience in management and finance, as well as fluent technical knowledge of analytical systems and applications. Contributing to continuous development and competitiveness in the global market, CTI Global is extending its unique solutions and services and will continue to grow as a trusted IBM partner in Latin America. As business expansions in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico are underway, CTI Global is growing its financial solutions territory by adding more predictive and cognitive solutions to its product portfolio.

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São Paulo, Brazil

Francisco Loschiavo Neto, Partner and Renato Corrêa Picanço, Partner & Executive Director

Strategic and performance management consulting firm that designs and delivers key solutions in partnership with IBM

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